Q&A with Jerome Seagears

BELMAR, N.J. -- Rutgers sophomore guard Jerome Seagears is a year more experienced and a year wiser. After an impressive freshman year on the court, Seagears spoke with ScarletReport.com about why he will be better this season and what makes Rutgers a program on the rise.

ScarletReport.com — Your entire freshman class is older. How huge is that for you?

Jerome Seagears — It's everything for us. We have all the talent, but it's about putting everything together. We're hungry.

SR.com — What is different for year this year as opposed to last year at the JSBL?

JS — I'm just way more confident. I think with all of us last year as freshmen, we'd never done events like that before. Everybody's more confident, ready to do well. We're all going to be out there just to win games and that's it.

SR.com — Do you feel like a more mature player?

JS — I'm much more mature, but at the same time, smarter also. You have to be able to handle everything, but understand what's going on. You have to play in control even when things get crazy. That's something [head coach Mike Rice] taught me.

SR.com — You scored 24 points in your last game. Is scoring a bigger focus this year?

JS — Not even. I'm just taking what the defensive give me. I'm letting the game come to me. If it's to score, I'll score. If it's to pass, I'll pass. At the same time, I just want to work on my overall game.

SR.com — What do you think of Vincent Garrett?

JS — He's a great player. He's definitely a great addition to our team.

SR.com — How do the rule changes with coach Rice's involvement help you guys?

JS — They help a lot, a lot. We're building more chemistry on and off the court. We're learning a lot more in the summer time instead of just getting in shape.

SR.com — What's your personal focus going into the season?

JS — Get better in all areas. I'm approaching the game more maturely, just having a better outlook at things. We're going to be in some tough situations. We're going to lose some games. It's just about how we react and how well we bounce back.

SR.com — Why do you feel like things will be better this year?

JS — With that murderous stretch last year, we learned a lot. It's going to be a better outcome this year. Everyone got better, more mature. Physically we got bigger. We got mentally better. It's going to be a better performance when we get those back-to-back-back games against top-10 teams.

SR.com — The big thing with coach Rice is comfort in chaos. Is that what you mean about mental toughness?

JS — Definitely, definitely. We're being able to play in their face, play hard the whole time, but also thinking at the same time.

SR.com — What do you think of Dane Miller and Austin Johnson as your senior leaders?

JS — They definitely know that this is their last go-around. They want to make it a good one. They're also more mature.

SR.com — How much are you looking forward to that first pass to Wally Judge in a game?

JS — That's not just me. That's what everybody's waiting on. Having him as a real part of this team is going to make all the difference. This team will be a lot better team with him.

SR.com —What should people expect from him when he starts playing?

JS — I'm not a fortune teller, but hopefully it's all good things. He's really good.

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