CoachSpeak: Scouting Moise Larose

Meade (Fort Meade, Md.) Moise Larose is now solid to Rutgers, a decision which brings his head coach full circle. Rich Holzer, a Kyle Flood disciple and former co-worker of line coach Damian Wroblewski, spoke with about why his players' commitment to Rutgers is a victory for all involved.

As a former player for Rutgers coach Kyle Flood, Meade (Fort Meade, Md.) head coach Rich Holzer knows exactly what Moise Larose faces when he expects to arrive this spring.

Holzer said he knows what Rutgers is looking for in offensive linemen and what Larose needs at the college level.

So when Larose solidified his commitment to Rutgers today, Holzer saw it as a "perfect match."

"I played for all of those coaches up there and I have a very good relationship with these coaches," Holzer said. "Up there, it's not just about football. It's about developing a kid, caring about them as a person. Coach Flood used to, I told Moise this morning, actually when he was first married, him and his wife would have his whole offensive line over for dinner when we couldn't go home. I think that's the kind of thing he saw there."

Larose committed to Rutgers during a visit more than five months ago, but had second thoughts on his way home because his parents had never seen the campus.

Rutgers led throughout the process, Holzer said, but the timing combined with naivety when it comes to recruiting slowed down his formal decision.

"He really liked Rutgers," Holzer said. "I was going up there to see all of my old guys and spend time with them. He had just kind of tagged along with me. He was really impressed with everything.

"I just think he had second thoughts because it was so early in the recruiting process. His parents are not from this country, so he had no idea what this process was about or what committing was. I think it has all been really overwhelming for him."

With time to think and learn more about recruiting, Rutgers clearly separated itself from the back in what went from a soft to firm commitment as July turned to August.

"He's had some off-the-field stuff with family, where he moved to a different county and working really hard," Holzer said. "He had to leave our high school for a while to help out with some family issues. He's been through a lot. His family has been through a lot. He's overcome so much in his life already and I think those things compounded and slowed things down.

"I think he's had time to sit and reflect, I think he really thought about the decision hard and that pushed it over the edge for Rutgers."

On the field and in the classroom, the 6-foot-5, 280-pound tackle is clear Division I material, Holzer said.

"As a person, it doesn't get much better than Moise," he said. "He's a great kid, has a great family has a 4.0 GPA. He takes everything to heart that you tell him. If there's something that you need to work on, he takes it personally and attacks like not many other high-school kids do. I see nothing but a big future and a lot of success for him up there."

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