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Football Recruiting

Rutgers fans can never get enough recruiting information.
However, you can try. And this Monday at 5:00 P.M. the Insiders Chat Room on this site will be the place to get your fill. Insiders Eastern Recruiting Expert, Mike Bakas, will be on hand starting at 5:00 P.M. EDT to answer all your questions.
Just go to the Bulletin Boards and click on the link for the chat room as ask Mike all your questions.
That is Monday at 5:00 P.M.

Ramel Meekins was determined to go to Rutgers, and the wrestling team had expressed interest in him. But for Meekins, a problem was developing. Things were moving slowly in the admissions process, and his acceptance to Rutgers still had not materialized."Wrestling was willing to offer [a scholarship], but they didn't move things fast enough," said Meekins. "Then the football team contacted me, and I guess they did all the admissions work that wrestling didn't want to do."
Walk on Meekins wrestled with decision


Big East

Xavier will join the Big East for basketball and Cincinnati will join a newly created league for football and basketball if a proposed breakup of the Big East takes place for the 2005-06 season. That's not a final decision, but things are definitely headed in that direction," an athletic director with knowledge of recent discussions told the Cincinnati Enquirer Thursday.
USATODAY.com - Source: Big East breakup could include newly created league

Now that the Atlantic Coast Conference has reeled in Miami and Virginia Tech, it is going after an even bigger fish: Notre Dame.
"I think we should be in pursuit of them, in an appropriate fashion," Florida State Athletic Director Dave Hart said this week from Tallahassee, echoing statements heard on other ACC campuses.
Sun-Sentinel: Sports


If the Atlantic Coast Conference is still looking for a 12th team to round out its expansion, Louisville could be the best immediate fit and seems to be there for the taking. But will the ACC choose to stand pat?
MyInKy: College Sports


The Atlantic Ten Conference believes it has the strength to withstand a raid from the Big East if the schools with Division I-A football programs in that embattled conference split from the basketball-playing schools, which is among the scenarios reportedly discussed by Big East officials during meetings on Thursday.
A civil war is taking shape in college athletics. On one side is Big Football, and other side is what might be called Little Football. A major collision between the factions is coming, with a couple of possible outcomes: either a genuine reform effort will finally take shape, or the NCAA as we know it will end.
Philly.com - "The Region's Home Page"


Every so often, still searching but still hopeful, they call Bob Mahony's office. They want the secret. Every college athletic administrator in the country wants Mahony's secret. Just think of the possibilities if they could establish for their schools what Mahony helps maintain at Clemson -- an athletic department that spins money like a cotton candy machine. It's enough to cause a small sigh when Mahony explains his success. There's no secret at all. The reason Clemson has succeeded financially relates little to what it does, but rather, what it has. A powerhouse football program. A rabid fanbase. And in turn, an athletic department that, using profits and fund-raising, is essentially self-sufficient.
Boston Globe Online / Sports / UMass tests Clemson formula




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