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Football Recruiting

Rutgers fans can never get enough recruiting information.
However, you can try. And this Monday at 5:00 P.M. the Insiders Chat Room on this site will be the place to get your fill. Insiders Eastern Recruiting Expert, Mike Bakas, will be on hand starting at 5:00 P.M. EDT to answer all your questions.
Just go to the Bulletin Boards and click on the link for the chat room as ask Mike all your questions.
That is Monday at 5:00 P.M.

PISCATAWAY - It is thick. It is lush. It is verdant. In the 10 years the new Rutgers Stadium has been in existence, it never has had the carpet it now boasts. The rains of April and May and the heat of recent weeks have put down a turf any agronomist would admire.
But for the best athletes in New Jersey, the grass still is greener in other pastures.
Green Pastures

There was a common thread running through the two all-star games held at Rutgers Stadium yesterday, and it wasn't exactly pleasing for those in attendance.
Though a couple of long touchdown passes and a bad snap on a punt play made the final score of the Governor's Bowl a bit deceptive, all four teams had trouble sustaining drives in the doubleheader.
High school football: Offense missing in action


PISCATAWAY -- Brandon Harris wasn't even supposed to be at yesterday's Governor's Bowl. But he wound up stealing the show and taking home a Most Valuable Player Trophy. Harris, a standout defensive end from Piscataway, was slated to play in the Snapple Bowl. But when teammate Omar Savage dropped out of the more prestigious Governor's Bowl last week, Harris was brought in at the last minute to fill New Jersey's roster. The roster, however, contained incorrect information about Harris, listing him as "Harris Brandon" and stating he will attend Penn State, when Harris will actually attend the University of Pennsylvania.
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EAST RUTHERFORD -- The ball swung around the perimeter, eventually landing in the hands of Brian Scalabrine. The Nets' third-year forward saw an open lane to the basket and drove for it. Little did he know that Jerome Coleman was just waiting for his opportunity to show his defensive ability.
Basketball: Former Rutgers star Coleman trying to latch on with Nets - Courier News


Basketball Recruiting

Rutgers University men's basketball program is close to landing a Nigerian post player who has the potential to be "an outstanding Big East player" for the upcoming season, according to an international scout familiar with Nigerian basketball. Abdullahi Kuso is in the process of getting the paperwork needed to come to the United States, where he most likely would attend Rutgers and play for the Scarlet Knights, said Rob Meurs, a talent scout who publishes "Court-Vision," the premier recruiting newsletter for American coaches looking to tap into basketball talent oversees.
Basketball: Rutgers pursuing Nigerian post player - Courier News


Big East

Can anything save Temple University's football program at this point?
No evidence exists to the positive. Dead Team Walking doesn't even describe it.
Penn State's first opponent of the 2003 season, in exactly seven weeks at Beaver Stadium, is still technically eligible to go to a BCS bowl, even to win the national championship of college football.
And considering that Temple has not sold a single season or single-game ticket for its 2003 home season, that's pretty remarkable.
Temple: No home, no hope


ALL RIGHT, so the Big East football schools seem to be marching inexorably toward a split with their basketball brothers. Give them credit for this: It's a smart first move, without question. But if this bunch of ACC left-behinds has any hopes at all of forging something special from the ruins of what was once a proud conference, that is exactly what a split must be. A first move.
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