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Text from the recruiting chat with Mike Bakas

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MikeFasano:: Hey, Mike.

MikeBakas:: Hi Mike.

MikeBakas:: I'll be back in 2 minutes, please hold.

MikeFasano:: Okay.

MikeFasano:: I don't know if Big Dog will be here. I wasn't going to be myself but I put off leaving for New England till tomorrow morning.

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JayLCanter:: It's not 5:00 yet, so is it too early to ask a question?

MikeFasano:: Ask away. Mike B stepped out for a second but maybe I can answer.

MikeBakas:: OK, I am back.

MikeFasano:: Okay.

JayLCanter:: Well, I had posed this as a topic on the board today ...I'm curious, how much does being the first school to offer a 'ship impact a recruit's decision to choose a school?

MikeBakas:: Jay: In my opinion, it helps but not as much as you might think. Some schools offer a lot of kids early, some wait till later in the process. Sure, it's nice and that 1st one will always be remembered but when it comes time to make a decision, there are many other more important factors involved in a kid's decision-making process.

JayLCanter:: Ok, thanks.

MikeFasano:: Last year Lance Ball was very happy at our early offer but in the end we didn't even make his cut of five.

JayLCanter:: I have a question on Mike Teel now ...well, not so much Teel, but about his potential impact on other recruits.

MikeBakas:: yeah, that's a perfect example of what I'm talking about.

JayLCanter:: Will Teel verballing early to RU help land other star recruits in 2003?

MikeBakas:: I think it's always important to get a big QB commitment early. Obviously, Rutgers landed their top choice at QB and I think that's a major stepping stone to putting together pieces to the rest of the puzzle later in the year. He'll be like having an extra coach. It's not so much that kids will want to come simply because he's Mike Teel (no offense to him, that's just the way it is) but it's like having a player coach (someone other kids can relate to better) throughout the recruiting process. And having him close to home so he can take unofficial visits when big recruiting weekends are taking place is also important.

MikeFasano:: Mike what Florida linemen (especially offensive linemen) are we involved with?

JayLCanter:: Excellent question Mike, I was just going to ask about OL recruits.

MikeBakas:: Two kids that I have spoken to recently that are very high on Rutgers are Corey Hyman and Chris Rutledge. Both are very solid prospects. Hyman plays both ways and has quite a mean streak. Rutledge is very raw and is still learning. He has a wingspan of nearly 90 inches and quick feet for a kid his size. If RU can keep momentum going with those two, it'll be a major plus. They're also in the mix for Akeem Robinson, who plays TE as well. Some schools, like Miami, want him at tight end if offered. Coach Cristobol worked him in as an OT at the camp a few weeks ago.

MikeFasano:: Will the move of Miami to the ACC affect Rutgers recruiting in Florida

JayLCanter:: Mike, let me throw two Jersey names at you and tell me their stance on RU . .. Zuttah and Feliciano.

MikeBakas:: Mike: It might hurt some, simply because one of the advantages that Rutgers has over places like Auburn, Mich. State, and schools like that (which generally pull kids from So. Fla) is that they can tell the kids that they'll get to play in front of a home crowd at least twice, maybe three times during their careers. That is no longer the case but it shouldn't bother too many kids.

MikeBakas:: Feliciano isn't real interested. He told me they're a little too close to home, which sounded like something to say. It sounds like he's not really a possible option at this point. Zuttah is interested but still wide open right now. He's a priority for the RU coaches and will likely take an official visit later in the year.

JayLCanter:: Nice... .Mike, are you primarily based in Florida and have more of a knowledge on the Florida players, or are you more Eastern based in general?

MikeBakas:: speaking of OL prospects, there's an OG/DT type from Utica named Nick Santiago that has been offered. He told me today that RU and Syracuse are his top two choices. I'll have a full report on him tomorrow.

MikeFasano:: Mike, There is a kid from the Trenton area named ChuckTaylor. I haven't been able to get his number. Any info on him.

MikeBakas:: Jay: I am based in Florida and since I take great pride in getting to know the kids better, watching them in person, watching them at camps, track meets, basketball games, etc. it makes a big difference when knowing more about them. I dont have that opporunity for the kids in Nj, NY, PA, etc. for obvious reasons.

MikeBakas:: Mike: I have heard the name but have come up empty on further information up to this point.

MikeFasano:: Mike, any idea on the positions that Schiano is focusing on down in Flordia. He doesn't have many 'ships left to give at this point.

JayLCanter:: Mike, alot of debate goes on on the RU board between Cane and RU fans over the types of recruits RU goes after in Florida. Do the recruits RU go after more like recruits teams like N.C. State, Auburn, etc go after or are they marginally D-1A talent? I feel RU's landed some top quality guys from Florida (Hart, Beckford, Facyson, Peterson, Marcus Daniels, just to name a few)

MikeBakas:: Mike: It's sorta slim pickings, as you said, right now. They like all the Carol City kids, the 2 OL I mentioned, etc. It's a little early to tell just yet.

MikeBakas:: Jay: There's no question about it. Rutgers gets kids from this state that can play at most places. Period. They get difference makers. Marcus Daniels, for example, is the real deal. I dont think he's much different, in terms of upside, than a kid MIami took from there a year before (Darnell Jenkins)

MikeBakas:: Coach Cristobol has done a tremendous job building inroads in Florida over the last few years. It'll keep getting better too. He's a personable guy, a great coach, and someone that's experienced a great deal of success before so he knows what it takes.

MikeFasano:: Mike, Teel was a bit of a surprise. Do you know any kids close to verballing.

JayLCanter:: Mike, do you think that's perhaps why Cristobal was elevated to OL coach?

MikeBakas:: Mike: I'm never good at picking those because it seems the kids who are close end up waiting and the ones that are wide open end up surprising.

MikeBakas:: Jay: Absolutely. He's still young and I think he's going to make a great coach for a long time.

JayLCanter:: Another guy I came across today as I was searching RU prospects was Chazz Lynn. He seems like a player, especially with the schools he's interested in. What can you tell me about him?

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MikeFasano:: Hey, De

MikeBakas:: He's a shut down kid, returns a lot of punts for scores, a real playmaker

delawrencereed:: whats up Mike

delawrencereed:: both mikes

JayLCanter:: He's high on RU and they've offered . .. does RU have a real legitimate shot at getting him. Paired up with Tre, I think they'd form a great CB tandem.

MikeFasano:: Mike is here. I know you have a bunch of recruiting questions.

delawrencereed:: oh yeah jarrett and carter from fl

delawrencereed: anybody knows whats going on with these guys

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MikeBakas:: Carter is the real deal, a little smallish but lots of upside. He'll likely end up at FSU or FLA.

MikeFasano:: Hey, Pumped good to have you here.

MikeBakas:: Jarrett is a big time kid. One college coach told me he's going to be this year's version of Mike Williams.

JayLCanter:: Damn, that's a big time comparison.

JayLCanter:: Where does Liverpool and Bedle rate?

delawrencereed:: i know, thats y I ask about him so much. Do we have a chance

delawrencereed:: hey rupumped

delawrencereed:: hey jayl

JayLCanter:: Hola.

delawrencereed:: hey is crazy 5x going to both us

delawrencereed:: i meant bother

MikeBakas: Liverpool is a playmaker. Could play on either side of the ball. Bedle is a playmaker but lacks size and that's preventing him from getting the offers (Mich and TN) that he wants right now

delawrencereed: Bedle i think might be a lost cause from his feelings about mich

MikeBakas: yeah but the interesting thing will be is if he doesn't get offers from his two favorites, then what? Rutgers may become a key player again. That's IF, as I said.

JayLCanter: Well, RU seems to be doing well at WR this year so Bedle may not be a priority.

MikeFasano: Mike, how important is it for Schiano to start winning games this year.

delawrencereed: the kid is fast though, talent is talent

delawrencereed: mike b the salinardi boys, are we still in the game.

MikeBakas: Mike: The way I see it is they've been getting solid classes when they haven't been winning much. If he starts winning and starts putting up performances like the Miami and TN games last year on a regular basis, recruiting success should go through the roof. As for his future, he just needs to keep building things the right way. With the kids he's getting, winning SHOULD happen sooner or later.
MikeBakas: I'm not real familiar with those kids, Mike F. might be in better position to respond to that question.

delawrencereed: ok mikeb

JayLCanter: Mike B., when RU does start to win because of the talent they're already getting . ...will the Florida kids still be a high priority for Schiano, or will he primarily base his efforts on the top Jersey kids . . . hopefully they'll finally start coming here after a few wins.

MikeBakas: Jay: The Florida kids will have to remain a priority. I think getting the top kids in NJ should be first for a program located there. If he can ever put the two together, watch out.

MikeBakas: I dont know of any Juco kids being recruited by Rutgers but I'm sure some will emerge, like last year.

JayLCanter: That is the goal, yeah. ... I think with one good year on the field, there will be sort of a snowball effect and everyone gets on board.

delawrencereed: daiz will do well, what do you think

JayLCanter: Diaz?

delawrencereed: my spelling is way off today, sorry. Yeah DIAZ

MikeFasano: De, the last I heard of the Salinardi brothers is that we were still involved. I heard that they had a great trip to South Carolina.


MikeBakas: Leo Ferrine is the real deal. He has been talking highly of Rutgers since the early part of the spring.

MikeBakas: can anyone provide an update on the progress of Al Peterson?

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JayLCanter: Hey Mike F. . . seeing Peterson, I'm reminded of Davon Clark, any news on him and his playing status?

JayLCanter: news*

delawrencereed: no chance for willie williams mikeb???

MikeBakas: No, Willie Williams will end up at either Miami (most likely) or Florida State.

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MikeFasano: Peterson hasn't come on as strong as we might have hoped. This could be a big year for him. I don't have any word Clark.

MikeBakas: His teammate, Vernon Wilder, yes. He's been offered. He's waiting for an offer from Miami but I'm not sure it'll happen. If not, RU is in good shape.

MikeBakas: Thanks, Mike.

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delawrencereed: we just might get some of these guys because of these "no offers"

MikeFasano: Mike, Are we involved with Andy Cius out of Florida

delawrencereed: who's he

MikeFasano: He is a DL, DE about 6-3, 260 out of the southern part of the state.

delawrencereed: oh, if your asking he must be good. is he fast

MikeFasano: Well, I am not totally sure. I got his name out of a source of mine in South Florida along with a lot of other names.

delawrencereed: how late are you guys going to be on

MikeBakas: Mike: Yes. Cius is actually going to be an OL in college.

MikeBakas: He's a good athlete, quick feet, and as Mike mentioned, plays on both sides of the ball.

JayLCanter: Mike B, with the verbal of Washington to Miami, are there any other RB's in Florida that RU could go after?

MikeBakas: Jay: Yes, there's a kid named Anthony Heard from Coral Springs Taravella that has been offered by Rutgers. He's a big back with decent speed. I'm still trying to get his number but I found that out at RU's camp last month in Miami.

JayLCanter: Speaking of that camp in Miami, how successful was it for RU, and do any other schools not in Florida hold such camps?

MikeBakas: Jay: It was very successful because all the top kids in south Florida attended -- including guys like Willie Williams, Charlie Jones, etc. It gave the kids a chance to meet the coaches and realize that Rutgers is serious about making an impact here. No other programs hold such camps here.

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JayLCanter: Question for both Mikes. . . I'm checking out the list of recruits for RU on the site. . . how come some guys, that are proven players and being heavily recruited only one star recruits? For example, WR Anthony Miller ranks as Tom Lemming's #24 receiver, but he's only one star. Obviously this kid can play, but why's he rated with only one star?

MikeFasano: I don't handle stars, Mike B does.

MikeBakas: Jay: Only certain kids have been rated up to this point. Our ranking system is a work in progress and won't be completed until right before the start of the season. A reason for that is because of various camps and stuff still going on this time of year.

JayLCanter: I hear ya'. I know guys like Kaysonne Anderson as well, should probably be more than a one star player.

MikeBakas: Jay: I know and they will be. Both players you just mentioned are very good and will get rated accordingly.

JayLCanter: I look forward to seeing that, because I truly think Rutgers is gonna have a great recruiting year.

MikeBakas: Jay: I know and they will be. Both players you just mentioned are very good and will get rated accordingly.

JayLCanter: I look forward to seeing that, because I truly think Rutgers is gonna have a great recruiting year.

MikeBakas: Hey guys, I have to run but it was fun chatting with everyone that showed up tonight. Lets do it again sometime real soon. Mike F. will let you know when the next one is scheduled.

MikeBakas: Jay: getting Teel that early was big, He'll really help -- especially with receivers.

JayLCanter: Mike B, thanks alot for taking the time to answer our questions, it was a pleasure

MikeBakas: Thanks guys and I'll talk to everyone soon.

MikeFasano: Thanks, Mike

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