Laviano Recaps Two Rutgers Visits

Holy Trinity (Hicksville, N.Y.) quarterback Chris Laviano made a pair of training camp visits to Rutgers in the last week. After committing early in the summer, Laviano spoke with about his growing comfort level at Rutgers and his recent visits.

Holy Trinity (Hicksville, N.Y.) quarterback Chris Laviano is making the most of a late start to training camp. Not starting his senior season until tomorrow, Laviano has spent some of his August free time prepare for his Rutgers arrival next summer.

Laviano visited Rutgers twice during training camp and continues to strengthen ties with the coaching staff and future teammates.

"At this point I think I'm just trying to get to Rutgers as much as possible and see the practices and make a better opportunity for myself when I get there," Laviano said.

Laviano was on the field for the first of three Rutgers preseason scrimmages. As a committed quarterback, Laviano gets a first-hand view of the action and is impressed with what he saw from coordinator Dave Brock and position coach Rob Spence.

"It gives me a good understanding of how they run practice and how you develop as a player," Laviano said. "For the quarterbacks that are there, you see how they respond. It's good to see how they coach. I'm excited to get on the field now for my first practice and get on the field and use this stuff to make me better."

Laviano begins his senior season tomorrow when he reports for training camp.

"It's nice to take the tempo of a college practice to my own," Laviano said. "It's a whole different ball game. Everyone has their spot and there are five guys all competing to play at every spot. You have to bring that high tempo all the time if you want to play. It's good to learn pretty early to prepare for what to expect for college."

On his Rutgers visits, Laviano got a first-hand look at the quarterback battle between Chas Dodd and Gary Nova.

"It's exciting," Laviano said. "It was nice to see a competitive atmosphere. Both guys are serious all the time about it. They both want it bad. The coaches switch them evenly and it's a great competition. When you're that competitive at practice, it's only going to prepare you for a game.

As a quarterback, Laviano said he is doing his best to play a proactive role in recruiting more to his recruiting class. His message is a simple one.

"I just pretty much tell them the positives about Rutgers and why I picked it," Laviano said. "It's easier to talk to the hometown kids about staying home. The Jersey and New York and Pennsylvania guys. It's a close place with a high opportunity for success. They do things the right ways and it's going to help you more than just in football. I love the college."

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