Miller Recaps Pair of Rutgers Visits

Metuchen (N.J.) four-star offensive lineman Dorian Miller took advantage of his team's late start to training camp with a trio of August visits. After a pair to Rutgers and a weekend at North Carolina, Miller said he has a clearer head going into his senior year and discussed the latest recruiting developments and his top three schools.

Metuchen (N.J.) four-star offensive lineman Dorian Miller lists Rutgers, Connecticut and North Carolina as his top three schools transitioning into September, but is still looking at more than a dozen schools as he picks out official visits.

Miller would very much like to take five official visits before making a thought-out decision on National Signing Day, but recent pressures and the state of recruiting are making him re-think the process.

"I may commit earlier if I feel like I have to get it done without losing a spot, maybe November-ish," Miller said. "The next two months, I at least want to take a couple of officials before I can really make my decision. It's crazy. I want to wait because that's what everybody has told me, like my older brother. I may not be able to do that because spots are starting to thin up."

Miller saw the recruiting process first hand when his older brother, DeJuan Miller, committed to Oklahoma. As a four-star recruit, Miller had many options, but ended his recruitment early.

Dorian Miller, who said he has no dream school, wants to take as much time as possible. However with spots filling up across the country much faster than they did when his brother was a senior in 2008, that may not be possible.

"It stinks because I feel like I'm kind of being penalized for waiting," Miller said. "It's not that schools don't want me. It's just that guys are committing so much earlier, so there may be no spot left for me at some of the schools still recruiting me for a certain position."

Miller twice visited Rutgers this week and said he left with a stronger comfort level in Piscataway.

Miller is building relationships with head coach Kyle Flood and offensive line coach Damian Wroblewski. Seeing them both in a training camp session, he said, impressed him.

"It was what I expected seeing them, I feel like I know them really well at this point," Miller said. "I like coach Wrobo a lot. I like his style of coaching. He's the kind of guy that's going to guide you and help you get better, not just yell all the time. He's my kind of coach."

At Rutgers twice, Miller saw both a full training camp practice and the second of three preseason scrimmages.

"It was really good," he said. "It was good to see how crazy it gets when you're close to the season. I'm really getting a better insight on how being a college football player is going to be — a challenge. I'm seeing what you can do there to try to play and get into the starting lineup. I enjoyed the practice visits a lot."

Miller competed against many Rutgers freshmen while on the camp circuit and is friendly with players like Chris Muller, J.J. Denman and Ryan Brodie. Seeing them in Rutgers uniforms, he said, was a surreal experience.

"It was kind of weird," Miller said. "I went up against those guys at showcases and stuff like that. It's just weird to see them playing on a college campus. It was cool, but weird at the same time. It kind of put things in perspective for me. I only have one more year left and then I'll be in their place at college somewhere."

Prior to Rutgers, North Carolina was Miller's most recent visit after coming into play with a written offer at the beginning of the month.

With two top-10 New Jersey players already committed (Greg Webb and Dajaun Drrennon), UNC has a chance to land a third in Miller.

"I really enjoyed the visit I had down there," he said. "I really enjoyed the academic standpoint. I didn't realize how smart of a school it was. You can get a strong education and be a part of a great athletic school and play for a national championship down the line possibly."

Connecticut rounds out Miller's top three and is in good shape to receive an official visit from one of its top targets.

"They're still up there because they pretty much see me there as an impact guy," Miller said. "I've already spoken to them on a number of occasions about what I would be doing in the offense and how they really want me. They're really focused on me. I'm the No. 1 guy that they want to bring in."

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