CoachSpeak: Scouting Bryant Gross

American Heritage (Plantation, Fla.) safety Bryant Gross committed to Rutgers last night. At a position of need, how quickly will Gross be ready to contribute at the college level? spoke to his head coach, Jeff Dellenbach, for the scouting report on Rutgers' newest verbal commitment.

When American Heritage (Plantation, Fla.) safety Bryant Gross arrives at Rutgers for training camp next season, he will be ready to play college football right away, said high school coach Jeff Dellenbach.

As an impact defender on one of the top programs in Florida, Gross has the experience and athleticism to compete instantly at the college level. For Rutgers, which loses two of its top three safeties after this year, a ready-to-play freshman is crucial.

"He's definitely going to be ready just because of his athleticism," Gross said. "He can run. He can jump. He can do all those kinds of things. He's physical. I've seen athletes like him before and he's going to just mature at the college level and end up being a really good college football player at Rutgers."

Gross may not have seen Rutgers since coach Kyle Flood took over the program, but comfort level is not a concern according to his coach. Gross has multiple family members from the area and saw Rutgers as a younger prospect.

Though much of the coaching staff is different, the values of the program remain the same.

"He likes the Northeast," Dellenbach said. "He's been up to Rutgers campus, up that way for a couple of camps when he was younger. He fell in love with it up there. It's really been Rutgers from day one. He has a good relationship with the coaches and he'll do well."

Fresh off a 25-17 win to open the season, Dellenbach spoke with with a scouting report on Gross.

"He's a physical kid," he said. "He runs really well. His athleticism is what everybody wants honestly. What sets him apart is the other stuff he brings to the table. He shows up. He does what he's supposed to do and more. If he's supposed to be there at 3 o'clock, he'll be there at 2:55. He's a good leader that guy, not one that gives you lip service, but one that shows up and does his job and then some."

Off the field, Dellenbach rates Gross even higher than he does in terms of football talent.

"He's spectacular when you look at off the field stuff," Dellenbach said. "He's a smart kid – a really smart kid. He always gets along with the guys. A lot of guys on the team go to him if they've got issues and they need somebody to talk to. He's always there for them. He's a big family guy. He's a good leader in that aspect.

"Bryant is an unbelievable talent. He shows up to play. He wants to be good and he puts in the work you need. He's going to show up and do the right thing."

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