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Phil Trautwein (OL, 6'6"-290lbs) from Eastern High School (Voorhees, NJ) is one of the best offensive linemen in New Jersey. He has the ability to play right or left tackle at the collegiate level and seems to have "big time" potential.

How many offers do you have at this point?

I have 20 offers at this point

In order, who are your favorites?

I only can tell you my top 8. They are:

1. Michigan State
2. Iowa
3. Virginia Tech
4. UNC
5. BC
6. Maryland
7. Pitt
8. Rutgers

What are your feelings on your favorites?

I like this top 8 because they have a great campus, great coaching staffs and academics.

I like MSU because the campus is nice and the coaches are a very good group of coaches.

Iowa has a great tradition with O-line and great coaches.

Virginia Tech is now in the ACC that is why they are in my top 8. They are a rising program and have a great
coaching staff as well.

What are your feelings on Rutgers?

I really like Rutgers. I really like their Oline coach. They will be a powerhouse, if they can keep some of the great high school players in NJ. I will also have a good chance of starting early.

Will you make an early decision?

I will not make my decision until I take all 5 of my visits and see everything I can. I have to make sure I can live whereever I go for 4 to 5 years. Starting early will be a big factor also but distance doesn't matter as much as academics. I really don't care how far away I go from home as long as I can live there for 5 years and get a good education.

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