10 in 10: Rutgers vs. Temple

ScarletReport.com's post-game package goes much deeper than the stats and the nuts and bolts of the game. The "10 in 10" feature gives Rutgers 10 not-so-noticeable notes that each can be read in 10 seconds or less. The breezy format is perfect for office water-cooler talk the day after a game.

PISCATAWAY, N.J. -- As part of ScarletReport.com's post-game coverage, the "10 in 10" segment gives you 10 not-so-noticeable things that took place in the just-completed game.

It is designed for each of the 10 quick-hitters, each to be read in 10 seconds or less. Here are the 10 from Saturday's 35-10 come-from-behind victory over the Temple Owls.

1. Knockbacks

On Temple quarterback Chris Coyer's 4th and short fumble during The Opening drive, give credit to interior linemen Scott Vallone and Darius Hamilton. Vallone and Hamilton bullied Temple center Sean Boyle and knocked him back into Coyer. Boyle pinched the ball out of Coyer's possession into the waiting arms of Rutgers linebacker Steve Beauharnais.

2. Early Struggles for Greene

Senior linebacker Khaseem Greene missed tackles on back-to-back plays to set up the touchdown pass to receiver Cody Booth in the first quarter. Twenty-seven of Temple's 69 first-quarter rushing yards were on plays where Greene did not make a tackle on first contact at the line of scrimmage.

3. Shuler Impact

Offensive coordinator Dave Brock used receiver Miles Shuler perfectly when the offense was at its worst. Brock first used Shuler as a blocker on a receiver screen (though he missed), and then as a decoy in the same formation on third down. With Shuler kiting the coverage downfield, running back Jawan Jamison was wide open for a 24-yard wheel play.

4. The Swashbuckler

Nova continues to show success instead of falling apart on broken plays. With the ball laying in the end zone, Nova went against the norm and picked up the ball, flicked it away left handed and kept two points off the board.

5. Leadership Leads

Credit wide receiver Tim Wright with both of the Rutgers touchdowns in the third quarter. Wright displayed great balance in hauling in a catch after contact on his 32-yard score, but was also the key blocker on Jamison's catch. Wright held his block downfield for a solid five seconds to allow Jamison past the third level after his impressive juke on Sean Daniels of Temple.

6. Pitchmen

Fifth-year senior right tackle R.J. Dill was active and exception as a lead blocker on pitches. Rutgers ran three pitches to the right, including a first down on 2nd and 19. Dill picked up at least one linebacker every time and the results were gains of 6, 21 and 11 yards.

7. Got Your Nose

Fifth-year senior Scott Vallone received some rest at nose tackle after playing every snap against Syracuse. Defensive coordinator Robb Smith sat Vallone for three plays before the game was decided in favor of Kenneth Kirksey. On the three plays with Kirksey at nose tackle, Rutgers gave up three total yards.

8 .Leonte Up

Blocked punts are to be expected at this point, but true freshman Leonte Carroo's block was special. Carroo blocked a punt on a play where coordinator Joe Rossi drew up a safe return. Rutgers was not in a punt block formation, but Carroo faked out his blocker to the outside before making a beeline to the football.

9. The Eyes of a Ranger

Logan Ryan displayed the exact type of coverage skills one would expect out of an All-Big East corner on his interception. The play was designed with Ryan on outside coverage, but he read Coyer's eyes and recognized the tight end inside as the target. Ryan jumped the rout and made the play.

10. Stacking Accuracy

Nova made some good throws and some bad ones, but he had two absolutely perfect ones in the second half. On the flea-flicker to Coleman and the touchdown pass to D.C. Jefferson, Nova put the ball in a place where only his receiver could reach it.

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