Miller Family Thankful for Rutgers Commitment

WOODBURY, N.Y. – Four-star Metuchen (N.J.) guard Dorian Miller gave his family an early Thanksgiving gift by announcing his decision to stay home and play for Rutgers. Miller's family watched the announcement Tuesday from behind the cameras at MSG Varisty. His father, Jeremy, and brother, former Oklahoma receiver Dejuan Miller, discussed their thoughts on the decision.

WOODBURY, N.Y. – It was not a well-kept secret in the Miller household. Metuchen (N.J.) four-star guard Dorian Miller was going to Rutgers and many of his family saw it happening for a long time.

But when Miller made things official Tuesday night on a live broadcast with Mike Quick on MSG Varsity, it made for a special moment.

"This is like a dad's dream come true," said father Jeremy Miller. "I soak it all in because when are you going to get to ever do this again? I'm happy for Dorian because he's the kind of kid that is really conscientious and cares a lot about what other people think. That weight on him, am I doing the right thing? It's gone."

Jeremy Miller was right alongside Dorian Miller during the recruiting process and saw all of the same things. Rutgers was, without question the right choice, he said.

It was the only choice that made sense and one his mother was rooting for very hard.

"At the end, it really sunk in that this is the school he wanted to go to for the right reasons," Jeremy Miller said. "He loved the coaching staff. He wanted to help them build something and, at the end, it really turned out to feel like it was meant to be. The fact that they joined the Big Ten the day he publicly announced was great.

"That was really the only drawback in his mind. I think if they had been in a bigger conference six months ago, this wouldn't have even been a question because that was literally the only thing missing in his mind. He was still going to pick Rutgers for all of those other reasons, but he wanted to play in those 80,000 seat stadiums and now he can do that. It makes everything perfect."

Miller has a close bond with Rutgers coach Kyle Flood dating back to when older brother DeJuan Miller went through the process in 2008.

Flood was one of the Rutgers coaches after the talented receiver, who ultimately took his talents to Oklahoma.

"Coach Flood's really kind of a player's coach from what I can tell," Jeremy Miller said. "He's loose enough with him to let him have fun, but he knows when to tighten up and crack down on them. I've told family in friends in Oklahoma that don't know anything about the program, I'm sending them all the articles where players are talking about him. The one thing that stood out to me is the fact that, after every win, you see players looking for coach Flood to go give him a hug. You can't fake that."

Dejuan Miller, who came to MSG Varsity to watch his younger brother's announcement, has no doubts that he can be a Big Ten offensive lineman.

A former Oklahoma wide receiver, he knows what college linemen look like, he said.

"On the line, there are a lot of similarities when it comes to linemen with Big 12 and Big Ten," he said. "He really fits that mold of a Big Ten lineman. He's an all-around type of lineman. He's got some of everything, talking about a guy that can definitely play guard and potentially center in college."

With Rutgers headed to the Big Ten, it becomes the perfect move for Dorian Miller, Dejuan Miller said. It is a move that, as a four-star recruit in 2008, would have strongly influenced his own college decision.

"I'm not going to sugarcoat anything," Dejuan Miller said. "It's nothing against Oklahoma of course, but I think if they were in the Big Ten, I could have ended up there. When you know you're going to play against better competition every week, it's obvious. That's one of the reasons I picked Oklahoma."

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