Aftermath: Flood Reviews Heart-Wrenching Loss

Rutgers coach Kyle Flood spoke with the media the morning after Rutgers blew an 11-point lead and lost to Louisville with BCS hopes on the line. Flood discussed some of the standout plays of the game and offered the latest on injuries and recruiting.

Rutgers coach Kyle Flood is disappointed, to say the least, with what took place in last night's loss to Louisville. His team had its hearts ripped out by the loss Flood said, but there is still pride to be found in the 2012 regular season.

To simply write off his team as "same old Rutgers" is "an oversimplification," Flood said.

"To try to compare this team to teams in the past, to me, completely undervalues the value of a championship. If there was a team that started conference play 0-2 and then won five straight to win a share of the Big East title, I think public perception is that's a tremendous success, a tremendous comeback.

"But when it happens the other way, they see it as a negative. As I've said, I don't see either one as a negative. I think every game is unique. Every game is an independent event and when you play people during the year can affect how that game goes."

The failed opportunity to play in a BCS bowl hurts, Flood said, but he is still proud of the effort and accomplishments made by the Scarlet Knights.

"I'm really proud of this football team and what they accomplished over the course of the season," Flood said. "To go into a season and have, not even a complete cycle of nine new assistant coaches, to play a schedule where you have six road games … and to come out of it with the first conference championship in the history of the school, I think there's a lot of things that tell you that this program is still moving in an upward trajectory."

Killer Mistakes

The illegal lineman downfield penalty on D.C. Jefferson's touchdown was a result of thinking the play became a run. Because of the amount of time the play took to develop, the lineman downfield call was a result of thinking J.T. Tartacoff was going to tuck the ball and run it.

Quarterback Gary Nova's second interception, with ended any hopes of a comeback, was a mis-read between receiver and quarterback, Flood said.

"Gary just read it a little bit different than the receiver," Flood said. "It was actually a route that we had completed earlier in the game."

Shift to Recruiting

Rutgers now shifts its focus to recruiting, where Flood received the 20th verbal commitment to the class of 2013 last night in the form of receiver Andre Patton. The coaching staff will be out scouting at high-school playoff games this weekend and there is a sense of momentum despite coming up short last night.

"I think we have a tremendous opportunity in recruiting," Flood said. "…I think there's a lot of excitement in our program right now. There's certainly a lot of disappointment from last night, but in the program there's a lot of excitement coming off the first Big East championship in the history of this program, the future move to the Big Ten. There are things that are happening here that are extremely exciting, not only for people in the program, but for the potential players in the program – the recruits out there watching us."

Injury Update

Flood has yet to meet with his medical staff, but said he is concerned for fifth-year senior cornerback Brandon Jones, who went down on the first half and watched the rest of the game on crutches.

"I'm concerned about Brandon Jones," Flood said. "I don't have all the specifics yet."

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