Rutgers University Sues Big East

Rutgers University is suing the Big East conference. The lawsuit challenges the Big East and its $10 million exit fee and will be a step toward departing the conference, before the end of the 27-month waiting period, for the Big Ten.

Rutgers University filed a law suit against the Big East on Wednesday to fight its $10 million exit fee and 27-month waiting period to leave the conference, according to a report by Courthouse News Services.

Rutgers sued the Big East, citing failure to charge other schools for leaving the sports conference, the report says. Rutgers sued the Big East in Middlesex County Court.

Other Big East schools Syracuse, Pittsburgh, West Virginia and potential newcomer TCU left without following Big East bylaws, the complaint argues, and asks for similar treatment for Rutgers.

"The court should accordingly enter an order declaring the Bylaws to be void and of no effect as between the parties, permitting Rutgers to withdraw from The Big East prior to July 1, 2015, or in alternative, declaring that The Big East has waived Rutgers' obligation to abide by the 27 months notice provision and the requirement of a withdrawal fee," states the complaint according to the report.

Rutgers is not commenting on the situation.

Rutgers is expected to, via the law suit, negotiate an earlier departure from the conference for the Big Ten. July 1, 2014 is the expected target date, sources said. It is the same date Maryland plans to join the league. Rutgers is represented in the case by David Feld, a Seton Hall law school graduate.

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