Flood Embarks on Offensive Coordinator Search

Rutgers head coach Kyle Flood is on the other end of a coaching search heading into National Signing Day 2013. Looking for a new offensive coordinator after Dave Brock's departure, Flood broke down the ideal candidate and discussed the possibility of an in-house hire.

Rutgers head coach Kyle Flood was a proponent of hiring from within last year when it landed him his first head-coaching. In day one of his offensive coordinator coaching search, Flood confirmed the possibility of hiring from within yet again.

Running backs coach Norries Wilson and Quarterbacks coach Rob Spence both have play-calling experience and are candidates for the position vacated by Dave Brock.

"I don't think you ever want to limit yourself in a search," Flood said. "I think it's important to explore every option and certainly we have two guys, in Norries and Rob, who are really accomplished coordinators at the Division I level. And there's going to be external candidates as well. I think to really do the search the right way, it probably goes similarly to how [athletic director Tim Pernetti] did the head-coaching search."

Flood admitted the fourth straight season with a new offensive coordinator is "not ideal" for Rutgers.

"I think you would like to have the continuity of having the same offensive coordinator year after year, but I think when you hire quality people there's always the possibility of something like this happening."

Prior to Brock's departure, offensive coordinator Frank Cignetti left for an NFL job after one season after replacing Kirk Ciarocca at Rutgers.

In searching for the next offensive coordinator, Flood has two primary goals in mind. He wants someone that can maintain the pro-style offense and someone with play-calling experience. A lack of play-calling experience is a deal-breaker, Flood said.

"I think it's in the best interest of our program to have somebody who's had a coordinator and play-caller before," Flood said.

Flood wants to keep the pro-style offense at Rutgers, but is not married to an unchanged offensive scheme from the last two years. "A pro-style system should always be one that is able to utilize its weapons," he said. "Sometimes a pro-style system will be a two-back offense, sometimes a pro-style system will be a one-back offense and at times, a pro-style system will be a no-back offense. I think we've seen all of those, certainly, in the eight years that I've been here at Rutgers and I think all of the really high-quality coordinators that I've worked with have been able to use the personnel in that way."

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