2014 ATH Noye Talks Rutgers Offer

Class of 2014 East High School (Rochester, N.Y.) athlete Justin Noye received a verbal scholarship offer from Rutgers. His first BCS offer, Noye went in-depth on his knowledge of the program and thoughts on the offer.

Rutgers has been high on the list of 2014 East High School (Rochester, N.Y.) athlete Justin Noye, but his verbal scholarship offer today caught him by surprise.

"My coach called me this afternoon to ask me if I heard the good news and I had no idea what he was talking about," Noye said. "He told me that Rutgers had an offer for me. I was really excited."

Noye checks in at 6-foot-1, 191 pounds and is being recruited as an athlete on the offensive side of the ball. His recruiting coach at Rutgers is running backs coach Norries Wilson.

"It felt great to get this," said Noye, who also holds an offer from Albany. "It was my first BCS offer. Rutgers was one of my top schools before, so I'm really glad it was them first."

Rutgers is a top school of interest because of relationships in the program and a proximity to home, Noye said.

Noye has relationships with Rutgers sophomore linebacker Quentin Gause and incoming freshman back Devan Carter. He works out with members of Gause's family and said he hears great things about Rutgers.

"I'm looking for a school that's the right distance from home," Noye said. "I can go home when I can [at Rutgers]."

Education will be a key factor for Noye, he said. He plans to study chemical engineering.

He expects to visit Rutgers in the early spring to see more from an academic standpoint .

Noye also has a verbal offer from Albany and is being recruited by Connecticut, Syracuse and Buffalo.

Noye is being recruited as an athlete, saying he projects best as a slot receiver or dual-threat quarterback.

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