Prince Introduced as Offensive Coordinator

Rutgers coach Kyle Flood hired former Kansas state head coach Ron Prince as his offensive coordinator today. Speaking on a conference all, Flood and Prince went in-depth on the transaction with one month to build the playbook before the start of spring practice.

Replacing two coordinators and two position coaches was easy, joked Rutgers coach Kyle Flood, who hired a completely new staff in 2012 after taking over his position. In a month-long search for an offensive coordinator, Flood finalized the hire of former Kansas State head coach Ron Prince, who will be the fourth offensive coordinator in as many years.

The constant change, however, is not something to be feared but embraced as a part of the college football landscape, Prince said.

"I wasn't a part of any of those other systems or personalities or changes," Prince said. "All I can do is try to build the best player-coach relationship that I can and that's all I've ever done. Change is a function of our game. Players have opportunities sometimes to move on to the pro game before maybe anticipated. Coaches make changes and move around. Each team, each year, the personality of the team will be unique and different."

Prince was identified early as a top target for Flood but the process dragged on after he became a candidate for an NFL position with the New Orleans Saints.

But the decision to join Rutgers, Prince said, is one he and his family meet with extreme enthusiasm.

"My preference is to work with really good people who are interested in winning and developing great programs," Prince said. "I have tremendous respect for Bill Polian and jim caldwell and Tony Dungy and the program that had been built there in Indianapolis. … Really the only thing we've ever cared about is player development and to have our players improve. … This is obviously an excited time to be associated with a winner and that's why we're here."

Rutgers will keep a pro-style offense under Prince. But the offense itself can show multiple looks and formations under the vague definition.

Prince ran multiple sets with Kansas State and Virginia and the emphasis has been allowing play-makers like Josh Freeman, Matt Schaub and Yamon Figurs make plays.

"I think we are, here at Rutgers and what we've recruited ourselves to be, is a pro-style offense," Flood said. "But as I've said in the past, that pro-style offense can look a lot of different ways if done the right way. … My hope and my vision going forward, and I think there are some other things that Ron will be able to bring to the table for us, is the ability to use all personnel groups and the ability always to get the ball in the hands of the better play-makers."

Prince echoed Flood's statements and added that the full offense will not take shape until training camp when the roster becomes finalized.

"I think coach Flood and I have a shared vision of what the offense would look like and the flexibility that we'd try to make sure we'd build that going forward," he said. "… All of this is a process moving towards [our first game]."

Prince had his most significant interaction with Rutgers in 2006 when his Kansas State squad lost in the Texas Bowl to the Scarlet Knights. But his relationship with Flood dates back nearly two decades to his time a Hofstra.

"I have a tremendous amount of respect for the Rutgers program," Prince said. "… Rutgers is a very powerful and very well-thought of brand in the state of Florida to where I was living in Jacksonville. So for me there's been a lot of reasons to want to be associated with this program, but coach Flood is the primary reason."

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