NFL Combine Primer

Rutgers football is set to take over the NFL Combine this weekend with a school record six players set to show their talents to the teams in attendance. Here to show the world they are worthy of an NFL draft pick, the Combine kicks off today and runs through the weekend in Indianapolis, Ind.

It is only fitting that the year Rutgers wins its first Big East title, it also sends a record six players to the NFL Combine. The invite-only event is reserved for the top-tier prospects in each position as NFL teams prepare their draft boards for the last week of April.

A combine invitation is one of the top indicators that a player will hear his name called in Radio City Music Hall. The Rutgers record of five draft picks, set in 2008 by Kenny Britt, Mike Teel, Jason McCourty, Tiquan Underwood and Courtney Greene, is in major jeopardy this year.

Add in a Tampa Bay Buccaneers staff led by Greg Schiano and filled with former Rutgers personnel and the 2013 draft will be beyond interesting for Rutgers fans.

For the non-die hard NFL draft followers, presents the NFL Combine primer.

LB Khaseem Greene

Pre-combine Projection: Second round.

Workout Time: Monday, Feb. 25.

Combine Number: 8

Word on the Street: At 24 years old, Greene's second NFL contract may give him trouble, but will have little impact on his rookie deal and draft status. With many teams looking for an every-down linebacker (including some local ones), Greene's versatility and lack of character concerns make him one of the top overall prospects at the position. Schiano and Kyle Flood turned him from a mediocre safety into a two-time All-Big East Player of the Year, but it will take the right scheme for Greene to take it to the next level.

CB Logan Ryan

Pre-combine Projection: Second round.

Workout Time: Tuesday, Feb. 26.

Combine Number: 38.

Word on the Street: Ryan's top-end speed is questionable and his senior film is inconsistent, but he was unlikely to improve his draft stock by returning to school in a down year at the position. Ryan is technically sound, but his physical nature at the line of scrimmage and ability to contribute on special teams are attractive to NFL teams.

RB Jawan Jamison:

Pre-Combine Projection: Third round.

Workout Time: Sunday, Feb. 29.

Combine Number: 18.

Word on the Street: Jamison's decision to leave early left some scratching their heads, but it was the best move for what he wants. Jamison is in great shape to be drafted and live out his NFL dream but the combine is a definitive time for him. Jamison will not impress with his overall measurable and he will hear plenty about his lingering ankle injuries in college. He has NFL vision and shows it on film, but with a heavy focus on workouts, Jamison needs to avoid a letdown.

TE D.C. Jefferson

Pre-Combine Projection: Sixth round.

Workout Time: Saturday, Feb. 23.

Combine Number: 8.

Word on the Street: Jefferson is an elite blocker, but never showed the tight end ball skills that NFL teams are after. With every NFL team trying to unearth the next Dennis Pitta, Vernon Davis and Rob Gronkowski, the biggest drills for Jefferson are agility drills, the 40-yard dash and receiver drills. He will wow scouts with his body type and strength.

WR Mark Harrison

Pre-Combine Projection: Sixth Round.

Workout Time: Sunday, Feb. 24.

Combine Number: 14.

Word on the Street: A combine invitation was huge for Harrison and likely doubled his first NFL paycheck. Harrison does not have stellar film, but he will blow scouts away at the combine. At 6-foot-4, Harrison has the potential to run a sub 4.40 40-yard dash. Harrison could very well be one of the show-stoppers at the combine.

LB Steve Beauharnais

Pre-Combine Projection: Seventh Round.

Workout Time: Monday, Feb. 25.

Combine Number: 3.

Word on the Street: Beauharnais has the passion, college game tape and knowledge to succeed in the NFL, but he needs to show scouts he can handle the speed and strength of the game at its highest level.

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