Report: Murdock Sought $950K from Rutgers

Disgruntled former Rutgers basketball assistant Eric Murdock was willing to accept a $950,000 settlement to appease his wrongful termination complaints, New Jersey Press Media first reported. Murdock and Rutgers did not reach an agreement, which resulted on his providing information to ESPN's Outside the Lines.

Former Rutgers basketball director of operations Eric Murdock and his legal team requested a $950,000 payment to settle his employment complaint, New Jersey Press Media first reported.

According to New Jersey Press Media, Rutgers legal representatives received a letter Dec. 27, 2012 from Murdock with an offer to settle outside of court for $950,000. No settlement was reached, however, which led to Murdock's appearance and passing of information to ESPN's Outside the Lines.

Murdock spent two years under former basketball coach Mike Rice as his director of player operations before not having his contract renewed for a third year.

Rutgers and athletic director Tim Pernetti stated the decision to look elsewhere stemmed from insubordination regarding a speaking engagement. Murdock's side claims the departure was because of attempts to bring awareness to Rice's practice misconduct.

Murdock provided 29 minutes of practice tape, condensed from his two years with the program, to ESPN, which led to public outcry and Rice's firing.

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