More Than 250 Coaches to Coming to Campus

Rutgers will have more than 250 high school coaches on campus today and Saturday, and coach Kyle Flood spoke exclusively about the impact of the "Coaches Clinic" on the program.

More than 250 high school coaches from the region descended on Rutgers today, and they will stay through Saturday to watch the Scarlet Knights practice twice, to meet with the coaching staff and also build relationships.

It is a key component in sending the Rutgers message to the masses, and also vital for recruiting.

"It's a showcase for everything in our program, and not just football," Rutgers coach Kyle Flood told "It's a showcase of the quality people in our program and I think any time the quality of the people in our program will be compared to somebody else, we'll stand very well."

Coaches from New Jersey, New York, Pennsylvania, Delaware and Maryland will be on campus, and many from schools Rutgers is recruiting, will recruit or did recruit in the past few years will be there.

"It's a chance to give back to the high school coaches that really do a good job supporting us and the state university of New Jersey," Flood said. "We'll have coaches from everywhere in the State of Rutgers. It certainly builds football community.

"At the end of the day, recruiting is about relationships, and we're fortunate that in the State of Rutgers, the area that we recruit, we're able to build those relationships year after year because we're in those same schools year after year.

"When those coaches come out and watch us practice, it's an opportunity for us to show them how not only we practice, but how eventually we can train their players to be the best they can be in college. To have them around for two days gives us a chance to show them everything, not just the football."

In addition to sitting in on team meetings and watching practices, director academic coordinator Scott Walker, assistant director/football coordinator Jenna Beverly and strength and conditioning coach Jeremy Cole will all give presentations to the coaches.

Also, former Rowan and Delaware coach K.C. Keeler and New York Giants linebackers coach Jim Herrmann will be keynote speakers.

"It's nice to have those guys come so the coaches that are around us a lot not only get a chance to see us, but also someone a little different," Flood said. "And for the ones that don't get as many opportunities to come to campus, it will give them a chance to take a 360 degree view of the program."

Flood added the time spent with the high coaches is vital in recruiting.

"It's invaluable," he said. "Those coaches want to know, ‘What is the quality of the person I am ultimately sending my player off to, to be developed over the next, three, four, five years?'

"To be able to spend time not only on the field, but to spend time in the classroom, time on the field, have dinner with them and spend time with them in the evening and then come back and do it again. That's what you want."

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