Recruiting Impact: Eddie Jordan to Rutgers basketball experts Evan Daniels and Brian Snow break down what Eddie Jordan can bring Rutgers from a recruiting angle. Jordan and Rutgers reached a five-year deal worth approximately $6.25 million this morning and are in the process of finalizing contractual details.

Eddie Jordan has not been a college recruiter for more than 20 years, but he will not come into the Rutgers job without impressive ties to the top talent in the region.

Rutgers has been active in the Mid-Atlantic region in recruiting and Jordan's expected hire only bumps it up a notch with his ties to Washington, D.C., and high schools in the area. The former Washington Wizards head coach is a former coach with top AAU program DC Assault.

"He is going to hit the D.C. area hard and could do very well," said basketball expert Evan Daniels. "That's certainly an area that Rutgers is going to hit hard. Obviously he has connections to the NBA and has a reputation as a really good basketball coach, so I think all of those things are going to help Rutgers."

Jordan is a known commodity in the area and is well-remembered at Rutgers for his star role in a run to the Final Four.

"Coaching on the AAU circuit with DC Assault where [interim coach] David Cox coached back in the day, his ties to Washington, D.C., in general stand out," said basketball expert Brian Snow. "He has natural ties in that area and I think that's something that will help."

Jordan's overall record with the Wizards – 197-224 – is not impressive but he is well remembered by fans for taking them to four straight playoff appearances. His 197 franchise wins are third all-time in Wizards history.

Jordan following up his six-year stint with the Wizards by coaching as an assistant under Mike Brown with both the 76ers and Lakers.

"The fact that he has NBA ties is big," Snow said. "Every kid, right or wrong, thinks about a future in the NBA. I do think his NBA ties help. We'll see how it goes. It's a big adjustment from the NBA level to the college level, but he's an alum. I think he really wants Rutgers to be good. Given the circumstances, the timing and everything that's around, I think it's an excellent hire for Rutgers."

Three Rutgers players have already received their release to look elsewhere and as many as four others could make the same request by the end of the week, sources told

With the coaching search dragging through the week, Jordan will have limited time and few resources to convince current players to remain on the team.

Retaining assistants Cox and Van Macon could be the best sell for Jordan to keep the roster intact, Daniels and Snow agreed.

"Keeping his two assistants, Van Macon and David Cox, would be more valuable than any NBA ties in terms of keeping his players," Snow said. "At the same time, I think one of the reasons he wanted the longer term deal with more security is he knows kids are going to leave. I think Eddie's smart enough to know you don't want to convince a kid to stay. You want him to want to stay. If he's not happy, it's just not going to go well."

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