Hurley: This is Not Going to Be an Easy Task

St. Anthony's coach Bob Hurley met today's deal between Eddie Jordan and Rutgers with enthusiasm but still sees tough times ahead for the Scarlet Knights. Former coach of two Rutgers players and a coaching legend, Hurley discussed Jordan's potential impact and what it means for his in-state school.

St. Anthony's legendary basketball coach Bob Hurley wishes soon-to-be Rutgers coach Eddie Jordan the best of luck in what he expects to be a daunting task.

Left with a mess following the Mike Rice scandal and athletic director Tim Pernetti's resignation, Jordan will have to act fast to keep his roster intact. Jordan will keep interim head coach Dave Cox and assistant Van Macon on staff and work to sell his vision to players seeking transfer.

"I think he's the right man to steer the ship there," Hurley said. "I wish Ed all the best of luck. This is not going to be an easy task. I think keeping the two assistants was a tremendous decision. The kids have strong connections with both coaches, so I think that is a very big thing."

When it comes to transfers, half of the roster has been granted or requested a release to move to another school. Leading scorer Elijah Carter, coached by Hurley in high school, is seeking his release but could still remain at Rutgers.

Star point guard Myles Mack will also explore his options, Hurley said.

"It is what it is right now," Hurley said. "I don't know that, with everything that's happened around the kids for weeks now, Eli is certainly exploring other schools and so are a lot of those other kids.

"When a group of them leave, I don't know how many will feel that they're going to want to stay when the numbers get low. Myles could be very loyal, then look around and just see that there aren't any other kids staying. That's the biggest problem, I think, right now."

Carter and Mack were two of Rice's top players and part of a three-guard tandem that could all look elsewhere. Rising junior guard Jerome Seagears has already received his release and is in the process of setting up visits to other programs.

Though no player has formally transferred to a new school, the departures are coming and retaining Cox and Macon is the best move to limit transfers, Hurley said.

"When you're this confused about your future, Dave was the head coach during the time that Mike Rice was suspended and Van was responsible for recruiting, I think the relationships there will help," he said. "What can heal this? God only knows. I don't think anybody can just fix such a terrible series of events. I hope it all resolves itself, but I don't think it's an easy recovery."

Hurley has a personal relationship with Jordan dating back to when his son Bobby Hurley played for the Sacramento Kings and Jordan was on staff.

Jordan has Hurley's respect as a coach but the move back to the college game will be a wakeup call. Jordan has not been on a college coaching staff since the 1980s when he worked at Rutgers and Boston College.

"I knew Eddie when he was in this area," Hurley said. "I haven't seen him in quite a long time. I know he's going to have to adjust on the fly to a new world of basketball that he left as an assistant coach in college. Boy it's just a different animal."

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