Rutgers Basketball Building Identity

Rutgers basketball coach Eddie Jordan signed three additions to the program in the last week and went in-depth with on building his roster. Adding Junior Etou, D'Von Campbell and Kerwin Okoro, Jordan discussed how close Rutgers is to a complete roster.

Eddie Jordan is not where he wants to be yet, but the 2013 Rutgers basketball identity is taking shape with three new additions to the program in the last week.

Announcing the signatures of Junior Etou and Nkereuwem Okoro today to go along with guard D'Von Campbell, Jordan continues to build a team focused on defense, toughness and basketball knowledge.

"If you're going to build a program, you show your recruits, you show your fans, your community, that you're building a program on solid defense and sharing the basketball," Jordan said. "You have to work hard. You have to defend and get rebounds. If you defend, you can create turnovers. You can get stops and play in the open floor. As far as half-court offense, my team will show me how to play."

Including wing Craig Brown, Jordan has four new additions to the Rutgers roster after six players departed in the offseason.

The building does not stop there, with Jordan looking to add at least two more players late in the process – a center and a shooter.

"We always want to improve our roster," Jordan said. "I think you still need a protector at the rim. That's always first for me, you have to protect the rim. Wally [Judge] is going to do a good job but we need some more support there. Hopefully Greg Lewis will be healthy and he can give us that as well. We need somebody who has a knack to defending the rim.

"… And we'd like to have another shooter. If we can do that, then I think we'll be a complete roster."

Jordan coached Etou while working with the DC Assault AAU program before joining the Los Angeles Lakers. A defense-first player, Etou is the type of forward Jordan wants in his system moving forward.

"He plays with a big heart," Jordan said. "He's a good rebounder and a terrific defender. He's got a nice offensive package. He cares so much about defense that [his offense] is a little bit lost but he's got a nice jump shot. He's got a nice shooting form and he can score near the basket with some nifty post moves.

"First and foremost, he's a defender and rebounder. He's a tough overall player. He's going to bring a lot of spirit."

Okoro visited Rutgers yesterday after committing to the program Monday as a transfer from Iowa State. Because of multiple family tragedies, Okoro has a chance to play right away with an NCAA waiver and has three years of eligibility remaining.

""He's a more seasoned basketball player," Jordan said. "He added 12 pounds of muscle from last year and he can play some wing and maybe some two. He's really excited about being here. He came by yesterday and he just smiled the whole day. We want kids like that – big heart, want to be here, play hard and will help teammates first."

Campbell signed with Rutgers last week and will be a major part of the guard rotation.

The JuCo guard has two years of eligibility remaining and will work closely with fellow junior Myles Mack in the backcourt.

"He's very good with the basketball," Jordan said. "He has a nice shot from the three and he likes to help his teammates. He's a good ball handler. I'm not going to call him a point [guard]. He may lean toward being a point, but in our system he's just going to be a guard. He mostly likely will play with Myles and he'll play with someone else in the backcourt. I like to call my guards guards, not ones and twos. I like to call my forwards forwards, not threes or fours."

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