Five Goals for Hermann to Succeed

Julie Hermann, at this point, remains on track to take over as Rutgers athletic director despite the ugly reported details of her past as a volleyball coach. looks at five items that need to be high on Hermann's agenda to find success and leave the ugliness behind her.

New Jersey governor Chris Christie's strong words of support for president Robert Barchi and his decisions. Barchi stood firmly behind newly named athletic director Julie Hermann, who will not be fired or asked to resign at this time following reported details of her past as a volleyball coach and administration.

As long as Hermann is the athletic director, which at this point is still scheduled to take place, it is time for her to look forward to the June start of her job as Rutgers athletic director. Needing to change public opinion and repair burning bridges, looks at five goals to make her tenure successful.

5.) Use Social Media -- Chris Christie, Cory Booker, Tim Pernetti, Kyle Flood, all of the biggest public faces in the state are experts at social media. Twitter and community outreach are the best ways to directly interact with the fan base and Hermann can win support and directly interact with fans and alumni.

Hermann is not from New Jersey, nor was she well-known before taking over as athletic director. Get out on Twitter, radio and television and change that.

4.) Renovate the RAC -- Hermann comes from one of the nicest college basketball facilities, the KFC Yum! Center, to one of the most outdated. Rutgers gets a new scoreboard this season, but has a long way to go before renovation plans for a modern Louis Brown Athletic Center come to fruition. Getting the funds to improve the historic building will not only improve the basketball experience, but the office conditions of Rutgers athletics personnel and training facilities for Olympic sports.

3.) Be Accessible -- This works partially alongside social media, but Hermann has to the kind of athletic director with an open door to donors, coaches and players. Win the support of those three and all of this will go way. Hermann needs to take time to hear out the donors, who rightfully so, have a lot of questions and concerns.

Hermann impressed Rutgers coaches and players early and should be quick to build support from the Olympic sports programs in desperate need of a makeover.

2.) Jersey Strong -- It was not the kind of test anyone from Rutgers wanted, but Hermann showed right off the bat that she has the toughness needed for a job that faces extreme scrutiny. Hermann could have easily said the job wasn't worth the trouble after the Star-Ledger's initial reports. Louisville would have welcomed her back and it could serve as an easy way out.

Well, Hermann opted for the hard road and stood her ground in the face of what Christie called a "character assassination." If she can consistently stand up for the university in the same way she did for herself during troubled times, then Rutgers has a keeper.

1.) Stop the Bleeding -- The shenanigans need to stop. The New York media circus is much better suited in Florham Park, N.J., than at the state university. Rutgers is 12 months from joining the most prestigious football conference in college athletics and needs to stop embarrassing itself.

Rutgers continues to work toward transparency and Hermann must be the harbinger of change by demanding accountability at all levels, including her own. Every school has its blemishes but Rutgers has plenty for which to be proud. Like Tony Soprano says, focus on the good times.

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