17 in 17: DE Nick Internicola

Rutgers football has 17 signed freshmen in various stages of the enrollment process. Continuing our 17-in-17 series, today ScarletReport.com looks at University School (Fort Lauderdale, Fla.) defensive end Nick Internicola.

Defensive end Nick Internicola is used to a college-like atmosphere as a state champion for University School (Fla.) and has been hard at work to prepare for his college enrollment.

Joining the Rutgers roster and starting classes last week, Internicola said he did his best to prepare physically and mentally for the challenges of his first training camp.

"It's crazy," Internicola said before enrollment. "I'm excited and a little nervous at the same time for everything. I'm starting a whole new life, in college. It's kind of weird to think about but I see it as I'm ready.

"I definitely feel ready for the next step and I'm really excited to go up there and just get bigger and bigger and get ready for the football season. It's good that I'm going up there so early, so I can get a jump start. I have an extra month in a college workout program to get ready for the season."

Internicola was one of four freshmen to enroll for the first summer session. He joins safety Bryant Gross-Armiento, tight end Taylor Marini and receiver John Tsimis on the roster.

"I've talked to Bryant Gross a couple of times," Internicola said. "We're definitely getting along and we're going to room together. We're going to be the only four up there, rooming together. We're a part of the same team, so we're just building that family atmosphere."

The 6-foot-3, 220-pound defensive end wants to bulk up before training camp and is excited about starting college classes so quickly after his high school graduation.

"I'm pretty much just going to go with the flow," Internicola said. "I don't really know what to expect but I understand that it's going to be all business. I'm there to get my schoolwork done first and go hard in the weight room second. I'm confident."

Internicola played linebacker for most of his high school career and received interest from schools at the position.

He camped at Rutgers, however, as a defensive end and built close relationships with defensive line coach Jim Panagos and then-linebackers coach Dave Cohen.

"I can't wait [to work with them]," he said. "The experience with them last year at camp, now I'm going to be with them all the time. Now that coach Cohen is the defensive coordinator, we've already built a good relationship and now that he's promoted, he's even bigger for me."

Internicola begins his Rutgers career at the "R" position. In the Rutgers defense, the "R" position is a hybrid pass rush position with some use in coverage situations.

"I've been busy studying it a lot," Internicola said. "It's a really good fit for the rushers, which is what I am. I've dedicated a lot of time to it and the technique. I'm learning the concept of it really well."

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