Two-Deep Analysis: DT Ike Holmes

With spring camp over, is ready to look ahead to training camp with an in-depth, daily look at the depth chart. Going player by player, we break down the key players of training camp with an in-depth look today at defensive tackle Isaac Holmes.

Defensive tackle Isaac Holmes broke out with a torrid training camp last year and locked down the nose tackle spot before kickoff of the 2012 season. Unable to finish the season or spring after an ugly wrist injury, Holmes enters training camp looking to make another strong impact, this time as a fifth-year senior.

Spring Performance -- Holmes came out strong and played a major role in the slow development of the Rutgers running game. Matching up favorably against center Betim Bujari for most of training camp, he missed the final 10 days to rest his recovering wrist injury. Holmes was a run stuffer inside and picked up where Scott Vallone left off.

Expected 2013 Role -- Holmes is your starting nose tackle and a major contender for a captain role. Holmes returns as the starter at nose tackle and his role rises in importance with the loss of Vallone and little established depth behind him.

Scouting Report -- Holmes has good burst and is more nimble than the average 275-pound nose tackle. Holmes is big, strong and experienced in the trenches but 6-foot-3, 275 pounds is not always enough against the bulkier offensive linemen. Holmes attacks gaps quickly and eats up space. He uses his hands well and flashes quickness with his technique. Holmes has experience in the program, but limited in-game action after an injury last year.

Holmes does not offer much as a pass-rushing threat, but does not necessarily need to with the amount of blitzing Rutgers uses and extra pressure expected from Darius Hamilton and Jamil Merrell. Holmes has solid short-area quickness but needs more experience against double teams in the run game.

The Bottom Line -- Like Kevin Snyder and Brandon Coleman, Holmes has not done it consistently throughout his career but has a chance for a special season for Rutgers. The Scarlet Knights need Holmes to anchor a changing defensive line and the big man should be up to the task once his wrist fully heals.

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