17 in 17: WR Andre Patton

Rutgers football has 17 signed freshmen in various stages of the enrollment process. Continuing our 17-in-17 series, today ScarletReport.com looks at incoming receiver Andre Patton.

Wide receiver Andre Patton picked Rutgers for the chance to see early action and play big games close to home. Committing to Rutgers during last year's Louisville game, shortly after the move to the Big Ten, Patton is in the final steps of preparing to enroll.

Patton is set to enroll for the second summer session and an early impact in camp is his primary goal.

"I'd be there now if I could, I just can't wait," Patton said. "I didn't graduate until [this week], so I had to wait and get it done first. I'm anxious, but when I get there I'll be fine."

The 6-foot-4 receiver and St. Elizabeth (Wilmington, Del.) two-way star spend the spring working out and studying wide receiver film. With Rutgers losing two of its tallest targets in Tim Wright and Mark Harrison, Patton sees a chance to use his skill-set for freshman playing time.

"I've been out of school for a while, so I'm all focused on football now," Patton said. "I see a chance [for early playing time]. It's important to me because the coaches said they thought I could come in and play. I just have to learn my plays. It's kind of on my part now. I feel like I can go in and do it."

Patton built a strong relationship with Rutgers assistant Dave Cohen during recruiting, but said that senior Jamal Merrell has been the best this spring in getting him ready to make the transition.

Merrell, who also came in as a receiver, was one of three Delaware starters on the 2012 defense.

"I talk to Brandon Coleman here and there and I talk a ton to Jamal Merrell," Patton said. "I have a few weeks to get ready and he says I have to get up to Rutgers ready to go."

Patton was a three-star receiver and the No. 67 overall player at his position in the class of 2013. He is one of three signed receivers for Rutgers, alongside Bergen Catholic's John Tsimis and Pasco's Janarion Grant.

"Physically I know I'm ready, but I know it's going to be an adjustment with everything once I get up there," Patton said. "I'm happy about [offensive coordinator Ron Prince]. He has a lot of coaching experience and I feel like that can help me now. I feel like I'll be able to learn a lot from his concepts and how they do things. I can learn things really quick, especially in football. I'll adjust to it well."

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