Scout's Take: TE George Behr

East Ridge (Woodbury, Minn.) tight end George Behr made his verbal commitment to Rutgers one week after standing out in a one-day skills camp. Midwest recruiting analyst Allen Trieu covers the region and broke down what Behr brings to the table for the Scarlet Knights.

Rutgers needs to improve its depth at tight end and continue to run block successfully during its Big Ten transition. By securing a commitment from East Ridge (Woodbury, Minn.) tight end George Behr, coach Kyle Flood found both according to Midwest expert Allen Trieu.

"I think you're getting someone who can really be a quality blocker, almost an extra offensive lineman in the running game if he can put on a little bit of weight," Trieu said. "He's a very reliable receiver. He catches the ball naturally. He's the kind of guy that can come in and help them because he's going to be physically ready to go."

Behr can be a dual-threat option in the short game, but run blocking is his best strength.

"He needs to get strong and get better technically and I think, once he does that, he can be a very natural big and powerful guy," Trieu said. "A lot of kids are big, but they don't know how to block, but he puts the right effort and intensity into that part of his game."

Behr will not come in as a stretch-the-field threat, but can be a weapon in offensive coordinator Ron Prince's scheme.

"He can move, but I don't see him as a tight end that's going to be running routes 60 yards down the field," Trieu said. "I don't think that mobility is really a problem with him at all."

The 6-foot-5, 225-pound Behr was quick to commit to Rutgers after receiving an offer and camping but had the chance to blow up if he continued his summer camp circuit.

"He plays in an offense, where, I don't think they throw the ball a ton and they do a lot of power run game and I think that limited what you can see him do on film," Trieu said. "On film you don't get to see him stretch the field as much and schools haven't been able to see him in camp, so I think the lack of camp led to the low amount of offers."

Behr remains unranked in the evaluation but can expect a hard look soon, Trieu said.

"I think [his ranking] will be somewhat conservative just because we haven't had the chance to see him in person too much," Trieu said. "It's hard right now to figure where he fits in, but we'll look to see more either before the end of the summer or get to see him in the fall."

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