Hermann Takes Over

Julie Hermann begins her career as Rutgers athletic director today with her first day on the job. Following weeks of negative publicity, Hermann has a tough task in her first weeks taking over for interim athletic director Carl Kirschner.

After a month of negative press, calls for her job before it began and the splitting of the fan base day that could have never been following ugly, Julie Hermann begins her tenure today as Rutgers athletic director.

Hermann came under heavy fire after a video related to a pregnancy lawsuit surfaced a week after she denied its existence. Hermann also received criticism after some of her former volleyball players at Tennessee accused her of verbal abuse.

Hermann and the Rutgers administration stood their ground in the weeks that followed. Support from president Robert Barchi and Gov. Chris Christie enabled Hermann to survive the scrutiny allow her to become the school's athletic director.

In the past two weeks, Rutgers and Hermann remained out of the spotlight and the new athletic director did her best to stabilize things during a short press conference earlier this month outside of the Hale Center.

"The reason I got into athletics — the single reason I got into athletics — is because I had a great experience being a volleyball player at Nebraska," Hermann said. "It was game-changing me and if we can provide 500 or so opportunities to youth for kids to do that, I'll go to the mat. I'll deal with it. I'll put up with it.

"I'll deal with a national embarrassment. I'll do whatever it takes to make sure these students have that same opportunity to live out that dream and I can't wait to get started."

Three Early Tasks

Hermann has her work cut out for her in the summer months. Here is a look at three focuses for the start of her tenure.

  • Booster Support -- Hermann began intimate meetings with boosters during her recent visit to Rutgers but has a lot of work to do to win over an unhappy fan base. Hermann was a strong fundraiser for Louisville and will need to show she can do it at Rutgers.
  • Building Renovations -- Rutgers needs a lot more than just a face lift for the RAC. Every facility, sans football, needs upgrades Rutgers enters the Big Ten on July 1, 2014.
  • Honesty -- Hermann has to represent herself in an honest, transparent manner. If her own fans and booster cannot trust her, then more trouble is coming.
Hermann's Hale Center press conference can be viewed below.

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