Two-Deep Analysis: QB Chas Dodd

With spring camp over, is ready to look ahead to training camp with an in-depth, daily look at the depth chart. Going player by player, we break down the key players of training camp with an in-depth look today at quarterback Chas Dodd.

A one-time starter for Rutgers, quarterback Chas Dodd embraced his role as a backup in 2012 and did everything he could behind Gary Nova.

Dodd played in three games as a junior, but threw just one pass.

Spring Performance -- Dodd had a strong spring. It was not strong enough to change the status quo, but he showed that picking up Ron Prince's new offense was not going to be an issue.

Dodd performed like a senior in what will be his final spring at Rutgers. Working primarily with the second team, Dodd cut down the turnovers and showed an improved range of passes. Dodd capped off camp with an efficient 11-for-15 day with 113 yards and a touchdown in the spring game.

Expected 2013 Role -- Dodd will be Nova's primary backup in 2013. Every position is technically up for grabs in camp, but do not expect any changes at the quarterback position unless and injury takes place.

Scouting Report -- The knock on Dodd has always been his height, checking in at just under 6-foot. Seeing over a tall offensive line and connecting over the middle both become issues with a short quarterback, but Dodd quickly showed that it would not be a problem for him.

Dodd is a gunslinger at quarterback. He can drop back in the pocket and throw all day without wearing out his arm. The ball flies out of his hand on fly routes and he runs through his progressions well.

Dodd gets into trouble when the pocket breaks down. With limited mobility, Dodd took a lot of sacks that could have been avoided and took the brunt of the damage during the 61-sack fiasco in 2011. Dodd has to improve his touch in the red zone and on swing passes.

As a backup, Dodd fits the mold of exactly what Rutgers needs. Arm strength is no concern. Dodd has plenty of playing, and starting, experience on the Rutgers offense and has three years of action with work on the first team.

The Bottom Line -- If anything goes wrong with Nova, Dodd will be ready, and able, to pick up the slack. A senior backup with starting experience is huge for a program that rarely has depth at the position.

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