Douby Returns to New Jersey Basketball

WALL TOWNSHIP, N.J. – Former Rutgers superstar Quincy Douby took to the court at the Jersey Shore Basketball League and left the gym with a 30-poind night. Douby spent the last three seasons in international leagues and discussed his goals to return to the NBA and thoughts on the changes taking place at Rutgers.

WALL TOWNSHIP, N.J. – The NBA has not seen former Rutgers star Quincy Douby in four years but the 2006 first-round draft pick is hard at work to change that this summer.

Douby, 29, tried out with the New York Knicks earlier this month. He has workouts scheduled with the Philadelphia 76ers, Memphis Grizzlies, Los Angeles Lakers and Atlanta Hawks and is registered in the Jersey Shore Basketball League to stay in shape.

"It's going pretty well," Douby said after scoring 30 points and dishing out eight assists Tuesday night. "I have a couple more after summer league ends that are promising. I'm very excited. I'm trying to work as hard as I can to show up in shape and get back.

"I'm back in town and I live pretty close, so it's a good way to stay in shape and keep my wind up. I'm working on getting better."

Douby left Rutgers a year early to become a first round NBA draft pick in 2006 but still identifies strongly toward the Scarlet Knights. Douby is on a summer league roster with Rutgers senior Wally Judge and sophomore transfer Kerwin Okoro.

"When I played at Rutgers, the guys that used to play there came back to help and it always made me feel good," Douby said. "I used to ask them opinions about stuff and about playing professionally. I'm trying to do the same for these young guys. I'm just telling them how to approach the game and how to prepare for the season. It's good to have a good time and mentor them a little bit."

Like most associated with the Rutgers basketball program, the events of the Mike Rice abuse scandal saddened Douby and made him look for change.

"I'm happy about [the change]," Douby said. "It was a little embarrassing with what was going on. A lot of people would ask me questions. I didn't really know how to answer them. I know Eddie's going to do a great job."

Jordan was at the end of his tenure with the Washington Wizards when Douby entered the league and coached against him multiple times with the Wizards and 76ers.

"I'm really good friends with Eddie, being that he coached in the NBA when I played," Douby said. "I spoke to him a lot. He has a lot of plans to do well. I'm excited to see what they do this season, [about to move] to the Big Ten."

Douby played with two Scarlet Knights last night and scouted five others during the first half of Tuesday's double-header. Seeing the majority of the roster in games and workouts, Douby has high hopes in Jordan's first year.

"It's a lot of talent," Douby said. "It's a lot of role talent, but Eddie Jordan is going to do a great job. I think he has a lot of experience. He has a lot of pride because he went to Rutgers. He's going to make sure that they play well and represent the university the right way."

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