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WALL TOWNSHIP, N.J. – Rutgers had four current and one former player at the Jersey Shore Basketball League Thursday night in the first of two games. With a team including Dane Miller and Kerwin Okoro coming out on top, ScarletReport.com presents scouting reports and notes from the action.

WALL TOWNSHIP, N.J. – The Rutgers attendance at the Jersey Shore Basketball League continues to improve in the final two weeks leading into the playoffs. After rare appearances early on, Rutgers had five names on the court Thursday night in one of the tighter contests of the summer.

ScarletReport.com was in attendance and offers scouting reports and notes on the five Rutgers names at Wall gym.

G Jerome Seagears

Stats -- 8-for-17, 19 points, 11 assists, six rebounds, four steals.

Scouting Report -- Seagears had the best night of any Rutgers guy in the gym, but it came in a loss. Seagears was aggressive in the lanes and took over all point guard duties with Myles Mack missing in action. The junior remains a hot and cold jump shooter and slasher.

Seagears was a pass-first guard for most of the night and shot just below 50 percent from the floor. He fed the big men all night, but many of the passes were too tough to handle in the paint and led to five turnovers.

G Logan Kelley

Stats -- 8-for-14, 20 points, three rebounds, three assists.

Scouting Report -- Kelley continues to be the surprise Rutgers presence at the JSBL. Partially because he has had the best attendance, Kelley is the perfect scoring option in a league with little interest in defense or hustle. Kelley brings both and reaps the benefits.

Kelley can expect a much tougher time when his shots are contested this season, but he showed yet again that he can be a scoring option of the bench for Rutgers and a lot more than your sophomore backup.

G D'Von Campbell

Stats -- 4-for-13, eight points, three rebounds.

Scouting Report -- Campbell did not show the same jump shot Thursday that he had last week. After an early 10-footer, he missed three straight and struggled to bounce back in what was an off night offensively. Campbell showed improvements in his ball handling, and cut his turnovers in half from his last game. With Seagears and Kelley hot, Campbell spent much of the second half on the sidelines.

G/F Nkereuwem Okoro

Stats -- 2-for-3, five points, two rebounds.

Scouting Report -- It has not been an easy summer for Okoro, who still has to get in basketball shape after missing a lot of time as a freshman at Iowa State for personal reasons. Okoro has a smooth jumper when given time to set his feet. He is not a natural ball handler but can do enough in his role as a two or three.

Okoro's night ended early and somewhat embarrassingly when referees ejected him for shoving an opposing player. Most importantly, he showed no lingering signs from last week's ankle injury.

F Dane Miller

Stats -- 6-for-8, 13 points, four rebounds, three steals, three assists.

Scouting Report -- Graduation has not done much to change Miller's play style. Similarly to his time at Rutgers, there are 10-minute stretches where he goes unnoticed and other stretches where he is the best player in the gym. Miller took defense seriously when matched up against other Rutgers guys but was not very aggressive offensively safe for a handful of sets.

Miller told ScarletReport.com after the game he is still exploring multiple professional options and hoping to catch on somewhere.

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