Flood Hires Jordan Jr. to Recruiting Staff

PISCATAWAY, N.J. – Eddie Jordan Jr. joins the Rutgers football program as a recruiting assistant after playing tight end as a Scarlet Knight a decade ago. Jordan is the son of head basketball coach Eddie Jordan and replaces the vacancy left in the recruiting department by Jim Worth this summer.

PISCATAWAY, N.J. – The family ties in Rutgers athletics strengthened this month when football coach Kyle Flood hired Eddie Jordan Jr. as a recruiting assistant in the Hale Center.

Jordan is the son of newly hired basketball coach Eddie Jordan and played football for Greg Schiano early in his tenure..

Jordan Jr. becomes a full-time member of the behind-the-scenes staff at the Hale Center.

"I think Eddie Jordan Jr. brings a couple of things to the table," Flood said. "The first one is he's a highly intelligent and motivated person and those are the kind of people you want in your organization. He's a former Rutgers football player and I think that is invaluable."

Jordan Jr. played under Schiano before Flood arrived from Delaware in 2004. A tight end, Jordan Jr. represents another former Rutgers football player on a staff full of them.

"If you can bring people back to your program that have earned the right to come back and want to come back – he sought us out, he desired us," Flood said. "I didn't know Eddie Jordan Jr., and to be very honest with you, I didn't even know until somebody told me that he played football here as we were getting into the hiring process.

"Then I started to do my own investigating and I thought he's got a very, very good skill-set in terms of working with people and identifying the right people for Rutgers football. I think he'll be excellent in the recruiting program."

Jordan Jr.'s role as a recruiting assistant includes interaction with prospects and overseeing thousands of recruits and video cut-ups. Jordan Jr. will help organize summer recruiting camps and contact high school coaches.

"That job is an 18-hour a day job," Flood said. "That's what it is and when you're working in things like college football, if you don't have people that are willing to work 18 hours a day, you really don't last very long. He wanted to do it. He's excited about doing it. He certainly has a tie to the university from being a player here."

Jordan Jr.'s hiring had nothing to do with his family ties and everything to do with his ability, Flood said.

"I think he has been around athletics his whole life because of what his dad has done," Flood said. "That's not the reason I wanted him on the staff. I wanted him on the staff because he's a Rutgers football player. When we interviewed him, he came across without a doubt as the best person for the job."

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