Lister Experiences Memorable Rutgers Saturday

Official visitor Logan Lister of Katy (Texas) left Rutgers Sunday feeling even better about his verbal commitment. Lister remains on track for spring enrollment and went in-depth with about his game day experience and a Saturday night at Rutgers.

Katy (Texas) tight end Logan Lister did not have the full 48-hour official visit experience but crammed in more than enough excitement in his Saturday on the Rutgers campus.

One of four 2014 commits in the front row for a comeback 28-24 victory over Arkansas, Lister said he felt even better about his decision after a second trip to campus. Committing before seeing the Rutgers atmosphere, his in-person experience on game day exceeded expectations.

"The game was the main thing I wanted to see," Lister said. "I liked it. They gave the ball a lot to the tight end. The atmosphere was pretty crazy. I've never seen a stadium that loud in the fourth quarter before."

Lister flew in Saturday after playing a game Friday night and returned home to Texas Sunday to get ready for school. The full Saturday, he said, was more than enough for an official visit.

"It was honestly awesome," Lister said. "It was really good, a lot of fun. I got to chill with the coaches and recruits during the day and I got to hang out with the players at night. It was great to see the game atmosphere."

Lister did not go to New York on his visit, but spent a Saturday night with the players that blew him away after the Arkansas win. Offensive lineman Chris Muller was his host, and he enjoyed multiple stops in New Brunswick including Brother Jimmy's Restaurant and Steakhouse 85.

"Hanging out with the players was the best part," Lister said. "The kind of people that they are fit my personality well. I liked Chris a lot. I feel like there were some strong similarities between us. He was really cool. He's a redshirt freshman so he'll be around a lot of the time I'm there."

Lister met with commits Kam Lott, Saeed Blacknall and Donald Bedell during the game. The next time he visits Rutgers, it will be for his move-in day as a spring enrollee.

Lister said he is all set academically and focused on a strong finish to his senior season before arriving at Rutgers for good.

"It was nice to finally meet some of these people in person," Lister said. "They all came off as great teammates. … Now I'm just trying to focus on my senior year and winning now. It's an exciting future but I'm focused on my high school first right now."

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