Wiafe on Pace for January

New Berlin (N.Y.) Milford Academy defensive lineman Eric Wiafe is in the home stretch of his time at prep school with Rutgers on his mind. Wiafe spoke with ScarletReport.com for the latest on his goals of January enrollment.

Five weeks of hard work stand between Rutgers commit Eric Wiafe and readiness to formally join the program. Wiafe has five weeks left at New Berlin (N.Y.) Milford Academy and if he has no setbacks, he will be ready to enroll at Rutgers.

Wiafe had to prep at Milford for the fall after signing with Rutgers in February. He remains on track to join the program next semester and said his grades are where they need to be.

"Yeah I'm pretty much there," Wiafe said. "I have an SAT, but even if I don't get the SAT score I will be OK with the placement classes I have here at Milford. As long as I finish, I'm there."

Wiafe said he saw teammates quit the program because of hardships, but he has no plans of giving up.

"I'm feeling good," Wiafe said. "I know if I do this, I'll be playing at Rutgers so it's exciting."

Defensive line coach Jim Panagos frequently checks in on Wiafe, who follows Rutgers football as closely as he can during his time at Milford.

"I just talked to coach Panagos yesterday and he was saying he can't wait for me to come up there," Wiafe said. "I watch the Rutgers games any time I can with my schedule. I keep up as much as I can with them."

Wiafe plays defensive end, 3-technique and nose tackle for Milford. He expects to play defensive end at Rutgers but could see himself moving inside at 6-foot-5, 260 pounds already. He has nine tackles, a sack and a blocked field goal this season.

"I might go inside, I don't know," Wiafe said. "When I get up there I'll see. I'm playing everywhere on the line at Milford. I'm definitely learning. These guys are older. I'm playing JuCos and college students. It's a big change physically, so I'm learning a lot about the game."

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