Flood: No Concern for Job Security

Rutgers coach Kyle Flood addressed the dissatisfaction from his fan base following the 28-17 loss to Connecticut and told reporters Sunday afternoon that he has no concern about his job security following three straight losses.

There was a time at Rutgers where playing for bowl eligibility in December meant something, and that is still the case. But following three straight losses and raised expectations from the public, it only means questions for coach Kyle Flood.

Rutgers has three straight losses, and an irate fan base looking for a change. Speaking on his day-after teleconference, Flood said change is coming but that he has no concerns about his job security.

"I don't," Flood said when asked if he had any concerns. "Again, I appreciate the fans and I know that they can be reactive at time. I have full confidence that the people who run athletics and run our university understand the big picture, and understand that we're moving in the right direction."

Rutgers (5-6, 2-5) has to beat South Florida to make a bowl game after barely coming up short on a BCS bid last season. That has fans, coaches and players frustrated but Flood said that no one should be discouraged.

Despite five losses in six games after a 4-1 start, Flood sees a team that is going in the right long-term direction.

"Do we want to be better right now? Of course we do," Flood said. "Of course we do. Are we frustrated that we're not better right now?

"Of course we are. But that will not discourage us in any way, and we will continue to move this team forward. They should have no concern whatsoever that, in the near future, they're going to see a much better result in terms of wins and losses than what we're seeing right now."

After getting past general post-game talk at Rentschler Field, Flood delivered his message to fans on the day-after call.

"I would tell the fans that I appreciate them and I love them," he said. "I understand that fans can be overly emotional at times, and that's what makes college football so great. Fans really care. I don't think they should have any concerns about the long-term direction of the program."

The players are not oblivious to public dissatisfaction, and likely have questions of their own. Flood plans to address the big picture Sunday during team meetings before formally turning the page to South Florida game preparation and one final shot at scraping bowl game.

"That will definitely be something we address tonight," Flood said. "Sunday is the day to do that. You do that on Sunday to just make sure you clear the air."

Flood and players were quick to point to a lack of execution in struggles against UCF and Connecticut. Specifically on the defensive side, Flood said he saw chances to make plays that fell short.

With a three-game skid, however, Flood said the coaches also need to be held accountable.

"I will never place the blame entirely on the players," Flood said. "We're not going to do that. We're not going to be that kind of football program. I don't have the numbers in front of me as we're talking right now, but when you have young players that (penalties) can happen. Sure it's going to happen. … It's always going to be something as coaches, when you have penalties, we have to do a better job of coaching the players to make sure that you don't have them."

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