Barchi, Brown Voice Support for Hermann

NEW BRUNSWICK, N.J. – Rutgers president Robert Barchi and Board of Governor's vice chair Greg Brown offered supportive words regarding athletic director Julie Hermann and football coach Kyle Flood. With an investigation ongoing and three straight football losses, Barchi and Brown both offered positive thoughts on the athletic department.

Rutgers president Robert Barchi remains fully supportive of athletic director Julie Hermann despite an ongoing third-party investigation regarding the handling of Jevon Tyree's departure.

Hermann received a statement of support Tuesday afternoon after the conclusion of a Board of Governor's meeting on the College Avenue campus.

"I am confident in Julie," Barchi said. "I have been since the time I hired her. I think that she's had a very difficult job in a very, very difficult state from the point of view of people looking at her watching every single word … and I've been very happy with her performance. I'm totally supportive of her."

The Hermann investigation will last another 30-45 days according to Board of Governor's vice chair Greg Brown. The investigation will have no impact on her ability to do or job, or impact the timing on athletics issues.

Issues like facility upgrades for the Big Ten, and buyout litigation for the American remain on schedule, Brown said.

"[I am] very comfortable," said Brown, who is a Rutgers graduate and the CEO of Motorola. "I'm very comfortable that Julie will provide the leadership on an ongoing basis. And I'm very comfortable with where we are and what she's doing."

The departure figures with movement into the Big Ten were discussed in a closed session, and Brown could offer no further comment.

Like Barchi, Brown offered similar words of support regarding Hermann.

"I don't want to speak for Julie because, as a board member, I know the difference between being on the board and being the athletic director and being the president," Brown said. "I'm supporting Julie and supporting Bob. … Julie is running the athletic department. She is the leader of that group with no restrictions."

Brown follows Rutgers football closely, and remains confident in coach Kyle Flood after three straight losses and an ugly month for the program. The importance, he said, is to focus on the big picture.

"Last year Kyle and the team was 9-4," Brown said. "It's the first time that we ever shared a Big East title, so we have to remember that fact. I think that over the past few weeks that we all are a little bit disappointed. Having said that, I believe Kyle and the team will make the necessary adjustments. I think it's an exciting time to be heading into the Big Ten for next fall, and this is a long-term game."

When asked about the long-term vision and where Flood fits, Brown said, "There's no equivocation to the fact that we all want to win. We all want to be competitive. I don't think there's any ambiguity in that goal internally or externally in the university. Would we like to be performing better? Sure. Do I think adjustments will be made, I believe they will, so onward and upward to Saturday."

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