Flood Details Coaching Changes

Rutgers coach Kyle Flood has his sights set on Yankee Stadium after receiving an endorsement from athletic director Julie Hermann Sunday afternoon. Flood detailed his decision to fire three assistant coaches, and spoke about the New Era Pinstripe Bowl.

The coaching search is already in motion for coach Kyle Flood, who fired three assistants Sunday morning after the regular season finale. Flood parted ways with three assistant coaches with the future of the program in mind.

Flood announced the departures of defensive coordinator Dave Cohen, quarterbacks coach Rob Spence and offensive line coach Damian Wrobewlski. All three were fired Sunday.

"It's a part of the job that when you do it you never feel good about doing it but ultimately as the head football coach your responsibility is to the program and it's my responsibility to make all my decisions with the best interest of the program in mind," Flood said. "Not just the ones that make me feel good or I'm comfortable with"

The search for replacements at all three positions is underway. Flood said that offensive coordinator Ron Prince could take over as permanent quarterbacks coach, which leaves flexibility at other spots.

Special teams coach Joe Rossi takes over as defensive coordinator in an interim role.

"I think Joe will be able to pick up the ball for us on defense and he's certainly done a tremendous job for us on special teams the last couple of years," Flood said. "Joe's been a defensive coordinator in the past and had success doing it. I thought that would have allowed us to have the smoothest transition going forward as we get ready for the bowl game."

Flood promoted Cohen without a search last season, but will have an in-depth look for his new defensive coordinator.

"I think the most important thing is that you find the best people available and the right people for your culture and your program," Flood said. "Do I anticipate all these hires happening after the bowl game? I wouldn't necessarily say that but I'm not going to put a timetable on any of them. ... I've already got a list of people in each position that we're looking at and we've already started the process of working through those names."

Flood does not foresee any more staff changes at this time, he said.

Vote of Confidence

Athletic director Julie Hermann issued an endorsement of Flood before the start of the bowl teleconference. Flood responded to the statement with appreciation, but said it was not something he felt he needed and there was little concern on his end.

"I think any time your direct reports come out with a statement to that effect it always makes you feel good but it's not something that I asked for or something I was looking for," Flood said. "I've never felt anything but ultimate support in my nine years here at Rutgers."

Looking Ahead

Senior quarterback Chas Dodd will start the Pinstripe Bowl. As a sophomore, Dodd defeated Iowa State 27-13 in the Pinstripe Bowl as the starting quarterback. He went for 176 yards and a touchdown in the win.

"I thought Chas played a really solid game last night," Flood said. "He did a good job for the most part of making good decisions and protecting the football. Those are the things to me, when you say what am I looking for, that I'm always looking for."

Between Flood's connection to Yankee Stadium and the chance to play the 2012 runner up for the national title, Rutgers has plenty of excitement for its third consecutive bowl game.

"The first time I had an opportunity to [coach in the game], it was like a dream come true and it is just as exciting every time we go back out there," Flood said. "This will be the third opportunity I get to coach at Yankee Stadium and the first as a head football coach and to do it in Yankee Stadium against Notre Dame as the head football coach is an honor that I will never forget."

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