Hermann Explains Vote of Confidence

NEW YORK – Rutgers athletic director Julie Hermann expanded on her endorsement of coach Kyle Flood with beat writers after speaking at Yankee Stadium Tuesday morning. Hermann took part in the Pinstripe Bowl announcement press conference, and spoke afterwards with a small group of reporters.

The Big Ten continues to be the focus for Rutgers athletic director Julie Hermann, and the changes made Sunday by coach Kyle Flood "absolutely" have Rutgers football on the right track in her opinion.

Hermann issued a statement of support Sunday afternoon for Flood to remain as coach going into his third season. She echoed the same statements in the bowels of Yankee Stadium Tuesday with a small group of reporters.

"I have been supporting Kyle all along; he knows that," Hermann said. "We have discussions, as you can expect in management. He made some decisions about his program and I want to make it clear to everyone that I agree with the decisions."

Hermann left the decision-making up to Flood in coaching changes, but she met to discuss them before changes took place.

"I absolutely trust Kyle's decision on what his program needs, and in terms of staffing in particular," Hermann said. "Yes, we discussed it."

Flood fired defensive coordinator Dave Cohen, quarterbacks coach Rob Spence and offensive line coach Damian Wroblewski the morning after defeating South Florida. He anticipates that being the end of staff shakeups.

"It certainly creates a little bit of a challenge, but I'm confident that the people are put in positions where they can be successful," Flood said on coaching shorthanded against Notre Dame. "That's really my job as the head football coach is to make sure we've got a coach assigned at every position, and then all three phases in the coordinator role."

Hermann made her first trip to Yankee Stadium Tuesday, and spoke with enthusiasm about the chance to showcase Rutgers against a national name like Notre Dame.

"I think it's an extraordinary opportunity for our student athletes, as I said, to be in Yankee Stadium, to be in New York, to get to play in this bowl game against this opponent," Hermann said. "Both Kyle and I feel strongly [that] this is a launching pad to get better."

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