Postgame Comments: Rutgers coach Eddie Jordan

Rutgers coach Eddie Jordan stressed the importance of one game at a time in his post-game press conference last night at the KFC Yum! Center. Following a 102-54 loss to No. 13 Louisville, Jordan discussed defensive lapses, giving up too many three-pointers and a solid showing from reserve guard Kerwin Okoro.

(Opening Statement)

"You have to give credit to Louisville. They have a great attack, they defensively change up their pressure full court, half court, different ways they run at you, different ways they zone you up, different ways they attack you. I told our team going in its not so much about us defending them it's how we handle all that multiple action defensively. And we just didn't do that well enough."

(On how much of this was a shift in effort compared to the SMU game)

"It's one loss and our guys have to believe that. This loss cannot devastate you, we still have a goal in mind that's reachable. Hopefully, we can play well enough to reach sixth place in the league and earn that bye in the first round of the tournament. So don't get devastated by the numbers on the scoreboard, it's just one loss. Let's bounce back. We have one heck of a game on Thursday against Memphis."

(On what was it that allowed Luke Hancock to reach a career high)

"He made shots and we weren't on him. Simple as that."

(On once Louisville starts hitting shots early on if it starts to snowball at that point)

"It did, sort of. When you can't answer back, their confidence and mojo is at a high. They hit a three and jumps shots on the break. Their confidence was riding high. We didn't get back well enough. When we were in our zone, we didn't find him (Luke Hancock) well enough. I have to do a better jump our guys to get out on shooters and play better defense."

(On what actions he needs to take so this loss does not devastate them)

"We need to play with more confidence and stay together. Trust our offense. They (Memphis) is going to pressure you. They are going to body you up. They are going to be physical like they were down there. We have to answer the bell physically and intelligently. We have to make plays."

(On if the good play of Kerwain Okoro will affect his playing time going forward)

"Kerwain did some good things out there. I am happy about that, we will see going down the line. It is a credit to him that he came in and gave a lot of effort."

Jody Demling of contributed to this report

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