Teel's Return Excites 2015 QB Commit

The Kyle Flood decision to bring Mike Teel back to the Banks led to plenty of excitement in Rutgers circles. Elmwood Park (N.J.) 2015 Rutgers commit Michael Dare was one of many to greet the hire with enthusiasm. He details his thoughts and ties to the Rutgers all-time great inside.

Mike Teel will have the opportunity to coach a familiar face at quarterback in fellow Don Bosco product Gary Nova when he arrives as a Rutgers graduate assistant. In camps and on recruiting visits, he will also spend time with another familiar face – Elmwood Park (N.J.) quarterback Michael Dare.

Dare camped at Rutgers last year before his commitment, and began working with Teel during his junior season at Elmwood Park. From nearby Oakland, N.J., Teel made a strong impression on the first New Jersey commitment to the Rutgers 2015 class.

"I think it's a great pickup for coach [Kyle] Flood," Dare said. "He's a smart guy that really knows the position. He had done great things for Rutgers when he was there. He's a great pickup because he's a really smart mind at the position. He got four years to grow when he was at Rutgers and then he spent time as a pro. He's coached at the college level and Kean and stuff. He's a role model."

Dare worked closely with Teel as a junior in addition to his coaching at Elmwood Park. The 6-foot-3 quarterback threw for 19 touchdowns.

"I'd be very excited to play for him," Dare said. "I trained with him over the summer and stuff. We have a really good connection. I would be very excited to train with him more and to have him by my side to help me through my four years of college."

Dare announced his commitment to Rutgers on National Signing Day of 2013, but considered himself a silent commitment for more than six months.

Making the announcement two weeks ago brought relief and excitement to Dare and his family.

"It's been really good to have it announced," Dare said. "I've been going out to my basketball games and stuff, and I have people coming up to congratulate me and knowing who I am. It's great."

Dare has a laid-back side, but plans to be aggressive in recruiting more to the 2015 cause at Rutgers.

"There are a lot of great athletes around Jersey and around the country in the 2015 class, and this class can be one of the best to come out of Rutgers," Dare said. "We want to win a BCS Championship. … Jersey has a lot of talent for football. It's a football state. All of these kids that are 2015 and 2016 all over are so good. The talent is outrageous, and to stay in state would help Rutgers so much and get us to the Big Ten."

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