Judge, Moore Set for Senior Day

Rutgers says goodbye to seniors J.J. Moore and Wally Judge Saturday in the final home game of the year. The Scarlet Knights face No. 15 Cincinnati and honor their two departing seniors before a noon tipoff.

Wally Judge and J.J. Moore both came to Rutgers looking for answers.

Judge transferred out of Kansas State after things did not work out during his first two seasons. Moore left Pittsburgh after three seasons to be closer to his family.

Both said they found the answers they wanted after enrolling at Rutgers.

"I learned that when your back is against the wall, you know who you can count on," Judge said. "My teammates have done a tremendous job of supporting me and helping me out throughout these past three years. … These guys have kept me strong mentally and pushed me physically and will always be a part of my life."

For Moore, the Pittsburgh departure was about finding a better fit for his season, and getting his degree closer to his daughter.

Moore did not know what to expect from his new teammates and coaches, and said it will be sadder than anticipated to say farewell to the RAC.

"It's kind of hard. I basically came here to be closer to home, but I got a good feel for the fans," Moore said. "I got a good feel for my teammates and the coaching staff. It's going to be a little hard going out here and playing my last game at the RAC. I'm going to go out there and compete."

Head coach Eddie Jordan called Judge his "silent MVP" multiple times during the season. He added that both Judge and Moore were team captain material.

"They both are in there battling their butts off," Jordan said. "It's all about effort. Sometimes, like Wally has to do, it's got to be physical. It's got to be intense. J.J. is intense. He's always getting after it. He's always accepting the challenge. Russ Smith, [Shabazz] Napier, he takes the toughest player and he loves that challenge, and I think his teammates see that."

Neither player will be on the bench when Rutgers makes its Big Ten debut.

Both, however, contributed to what Jordan is trying to build after the program collapsed prior to his arrival.

"It's going to mean a lot knowing that I was there with them," Moore said. "I'm going to see the progression that they're going to have and there's going to be a turnaround in the next conference. I know it because this group of guys is really competitive. They're not going to lower their standards for anybody."

Both players are on track to graduate this spring. Judge aims to pursue a professional career in basketball after he finishes his studies.

"I don't think anybody plays for five years in college and then decides to be a mailman," he said. "Hopefully NBA teams see something in me that they can key in on and help build. I know I'm not necessarily a finished product, and I'm willing to grow. … I'm ready to work at any given time, and I believe if I'm given the chance, I'll out-work anybody."

Moore's plans are less specific.

"In the long run, hopefully just be successful," Moore said on plans after graduation. "I've got my daughter, my girl to take care of and my family to take care of so I just want to be successful. … I'm going to graduate in May. Me and Wally are going to graduate in May. That's a big accomplishment, basically for me and my mom. I just want to get her that degree."

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