Rutgers Pro Day: Tim Wright

PISCATAWAY, N.J. – Tampa Bay Buccaneers tight end Tim Wright was arguably the biggest success story of undrafted free agents last season. The former Scarlet Knight finished second in receiving and touchdowns for Tampa as a rookie. He returned home to Rutgers last week to support the next crop of Knights in the NFL.

Tampa Bay Buccaneers tight end Tim Wright expected to see hundreds of familiar faces when he returned to Rutgers this week. One face, however, caught him slightly by surprise.

One of the first sights for Wright when he entered the Rutgers indoor practice facility Wednesday was that of newly hired receivers coach Ben McDaniels. McDaniels coached in Tampa last season, and is credited with helping Wright break out as a rookie.

"He's a really good guy," Wright said. "As soon as I saw him when I walked in, are we going to a walkthrough? Are we about to go to practice or something? It was cool. He's a really good guy.

"He's a guy with a lot of knowledge. He's definitely a good fit. He has experience under his belt, and he's a great person. That's going to add to it."

Wright worked closely with McDaniels last season and recruiting will not be an issue for the new college assistant, Wright said.

"Of course he'll be a good recruiter," he said. "He's very inspirational. He holds good conversation, and he's a really good guy. All of that adds together to make a good recruiter."

Making the move from wide receiver to tight end, Wright finished second in most receiving categories behind Vincent Jackson.

His rookie season ended with five touchdowns, 54 catches and 571 yards.

"I think me going to the Buccaneers helped a lot with the continuity between being at Rutgers with coach [Greg] Schiano and his staff and going down there and seeing some of the same faces," Wright said. "The way things were operated the same way helped me out with the transition. But being a rookie, you just have to think about doing everything you can."

Wright came to Rutgers last week to support former teammates in their NFL aspirations. Wright spent time with many offensive players, including Brandon Coleman, Quron Pratt and Paul Carrezola. His advice?

Be versatile, work hard and stay out of trouble.

"It's not really thinking about things I can control," Wright said. "It's more or less just working hard and grinding every day and making sure that I'm in tip-top shape and I know the plays and I'm confident in myself. I know that's going to take care of itself.

"I wish those guys the best of luck, guys in that situation and even guys that are in a better situation than I was. It takes hard work."

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