Busy Spring Continues for Allen

Defensive end Zach Allen returns to Rutgers next week for the first time since camping with his New Canaan (Conn.) team. Allen has a busy spring of visits planned, and is building momentum with new offers coming in by the week.

New Canaan (Conn.) three-star defensive end Zach Allen has four days of experience at Rutgers from his 2013 summer camp. Allen, however, has never seen the Scarlet Knights up close and is excited to do so in seven days.

Allen will be one of many key faces on campus for Saturday's spring practice, which projects to be one of the bigger days of the spring in Piscataway.

"I had a great time there [last summer]," Allen said. "All of the coaches were awesome, and I've been talking with [assistant coaches Jim] Panagos and [Ben] McDaniels pretty much on a daily basis, or a weekly basis. They're great guys."

The 6-foot-6, 240-pound defensive end was one of the standouts of full campers at Rutgers last year, where he went with the majority of his team.

"I thought it was really cool being in the dorms for four days and eating in the cafeteria and going to practice," Allen said. "I almost get what it would be like to be a player at Rutgers, and I'm really looking forward to seeing what it's like at a spring practice for the players.

"Also when I went down there, the facilities were awesome, and just everything about it was a great experience. I want to see what Rutgers can offer me."

Allen recently added a Syracuse offer and sits at six total in preparation for next week's Rutgers visit. Rutgers has not offered, but gave Allen the impression that a visit could change that.

"I really like the options I have and I'm still open to anything," he said. "I do know that I want to make a decision before my senior season, so I can just focus on that and winning another state championship."

Allen recently visited Boston College, Virginia, Yale, Harvard and Princeton for junior days. He plans to hit Pittsburgh this week, and will also see Northwestern, Penn State, Vanderbilt and Wake Forest this spring.

"It's a lot, but I try to push them off to the weekends," Allen said. "It's a lot of homework on the road, but our spring break is coming up, so I hope I can get a lot done during that period."

Allen also wants to return to Virginia to see a spring practice.

"I really want to see spring practices just so I can kind of get a feel of what a practice is like at the college level," he said. "And also, I want to see what it's like for students during the school year. If I'm going to spend four years somewhere, those skills are very important. I want to get kind of a walkthrough of what I can expect."

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