Q&A with Sophomore TE Nick Arcidiacono

PISCATAWAY, N.J. -- Sophomore Nick Arcidiacono finds himself in a starting role this spring with injury concerns elsewhere at the tight end position. Arcidiacono got a taste of live action in his first semester at Rutgers, and expects plenty more as a sophomore. ScarletReport.com caught up with the former Warminster (Pa.) Archbishop Wood standout at Rutgers practice.

ScarletReport.com -- You're basically the starting tight end this spring. How are you handling it?

Nick Arcidiacono -- I'm really excited. It's an important time and I know I have to step it up a little bit. It's an exciting opportunity. Hopefully it's going to just get me ready to go.

SR.com -- What's the biggest difference other than the amount of first-team reps you're getting?

NA -- Last year, I felt like a young guy. This year, I feel like I'm the one. I'm the older guy. They're looking up to me and I'm trying to help them out. I know my stuff. I have the most experience, so there's more on my shoulders. I'm going to embrace it and go with it.

SR.com -- Do you notice a step up in competition from what you saw with the twos and threes last year?

NA -- I definitely see it. Going against all the older guys, it's ones on ones. It's definitely more competition, but I'm working hard and trying my best out there. I think I'm doing well.

SR.com -- How much did your playing time last year help you?

NA -- So much. So, so much. You feel like an older guy. Going into this season in the Big Ten, I'm going to be a lot more confident out there. I've got my experience of big-time college football. I'm excited to be an older guy.

SR.com -- How much is Tyler Kroft helping out this spring while he's limited?

NA -- He helps a lot. He knows his stuff. Just because he's not always out there doesn't mean he's not all over the playbook. He's studying. He knows it just as well as we do. He's in every meeting. He's texting us. We have a message group. He's helping us as much as he can.

SR.com -- There's still a lot to learn, but what do you like so far about the new offense?

NA -- It's similar to last year, and that's what I like. I liked our offense last year. I like the pro style. I like to put my hand in the dirt and get physical.

SR.com -- How much more of an emphasis is there now for you to play physical?

NA -- I've put on some weight. I'm a lot stronger than I was last year. I'm just going to get as big and strong as I can going into the season. Hopefully it's going to have even more results with what I do in the offseason?

SR.com -- How much do you have to learn with run blocking?

NA -- I like to keep it balanced. Obviously with coach [Anthony Campanile], we need to be able to block. We need to be able to do both. That's important. Right now we're working primarily on blocking and being consistent.

SR.com -- It's always a big part of spring, so what's your take on the quarterback situation?

NA -- They're all great. They're all battling, and I'm excited to see who wins the job. There are some really good arms there.

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