TV: 1-on-1 with Bryan Leoni

PISCATAWAY, N.J. -- Offensive lineman Bryan Leoni had to significantly reshape his body before finding time as a walk on at Rutgers. Leoni's efforts are starting to pay off as he gains more responsibility and value to the offensive line this spring.

Bryan Leoni served as a walk-on emergency lineman for Rutgers in 2013. In 2014, he has a chance to win a starting job as a Big Ten tackle.

Leoni got the first snap of the day at right tackle, and split work with the likes of Taj Alexander and J.J. Denman in Saturday's scrimmage environment.

Leoni brings versatility with experience playing all five positions on the line. He is currently listed as a second-team tackle with half of spring remaining.

The 2010 walk-on from Hunterdon Central completely reshaped his body to earn his opportunity and is at a solid 285 pounds. Leoni weighed in at an astonishing 410 pounds as a high-school sophomore, Leoni dropped down to 245 pounds before building himself back up to what he is this spring.

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