Welcome to the New ScarletReport.com

Change is underway at ScarletReport.com, where we roll out our new look just in time for summer. Please read a note from our staff, and enjoy inside.

Hello loyal Scout readers. Welcome to the new ScarletReport.com!

Today's refresh is just one of many phases of improvements to ScarletReport.com and the Scout network. You will notice that not only are the stories and player profiles easier to read on your computer, but going forward will be on your mobile device as well. In the coming weeks, our message boards will also get a refresh, allowing users easier access to the forums from their tablet and smartphone.

In the months leading to the much anticipated 2014 football season, we will be dedicating our efforts to bringing the latest in Rutgers recruiting coverage and off-season analysis.

As you should already know, Scout is your ultimate source for sports, outdoor adventures and all-American pursuits. From college football to hunting to fishing to trying out the latest hot gadgets — it's everything you would rather be doing than work.

Over the years Scout has built an unrivaled Army of reporters and editors who live and breathe what they report. Scout's legions of experts are everywhere, and they love nothing more than to share what they've seen and learned from the front lines – especially in the Northeast where our strengthening coverage team strives to go 1-0 every day.

If you have any questions you can reach out to our staff on the message boards. And that's the bottom line, because ScarletReport.com said so.

Jump in here to discuss the changes and everything Rutgers, the new ScarletReport.com awaits.

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