Hermann Addresses South Jersey Crowd

CHERRY HILL, N.J. – The Rutgers Big Ten tour stopped in South Jersey Thursday evening for an event in front of more than 100 fans, boosters and staffers. Athletic director Julie Hermann, who is in the end of her first year on the job, addressed the crowd about her vision for the university as it heads to the Big Ten.

Athletic director Julie Hermann received a standing ovation from the Rutgers fans and staff members in attendance for a Thursday Big Ten tour event in South Jersey after a speech to the crowd.

Hermann addressed a variety of Big-Ten related topics with the crowd, and ScarletReport.com is here with the highlights of a five-minute presentation. Hermann declined further comments through a spokesperson.

Welcoming the crowd

"We're thrilled to be here tonight and to share with you our enthusiasm for all things. It's been a long time coming. Here comes July 1, the Big Ten."

Advertising campaign

"You've gotten to see some of our billboards. You've seen ‘Jersey B1G.' Shortly you'll see University billboards put up. They'll say ‘big time academics, Big Ten athletics.' You'll see those billboards in every part of New Jersey and also in Times Square. … [Thanks] to [president Robert] Barchi. That wasn't cheap."

Staff endorsement

"Rutgers athletics has an amazing staff and an unbelievable cadre of master coaches. We know we have a ton of work to do. We have to lay it brick by brick. It's going to make the entire village. In about a month, we're going to start sending out a ton of information so you will know, first of all, what I've been up to for a year and how we're getting ready."

Tom Luicci

"I don't think he's here tonight, but as some of you may know [part] of our planning was to create our own Rutgers channel. So six or seven weeks ago, we hired Tom Luicci from the Star Ledger. So if you're a Tom Luicci sports fan – 35 years of reporting on Rutgers athletics – Tom is now on staff at Rutgers. His job will be to create content on our website, Scarletknights.com. If you read something out there in the paper and you're wondering what's really going on, you can go to our site for information. You'll be able to actually ask Tom a question. You can ask Tom, what's going on? … We're creating our own Rutgers channel so those of you who love Rutgers can find out."

More media talk

"I love this media market because it took us to the Big Ten. There's no doubt about it. … The one thing I promise you is that it doesn't matter how far they pull down our athletic department, you will find out that we absolutely put our students first. Always. We always did the right thing by kids. That's one of the ways that we're going to convince New Jersey's finest to stay home because there's not going to be a better, more world class opportunity, the chance to have big time academics and Big Ten athletics at Rutgers University."

Big Ten positives

"It's going to take a super special group of folks to get that done, not only locally but national and internationally. Because where we're going in the Big Ten, the Big Ten leads the nation in graduation rates, leads the nation in football graduation rates, leads the nation in academic All-Americans – 1,500. Meanwhile, 370 national titles. That's the league that we're going into. We wanted big time and it's here, so we're getting Big Ten ready."

Facilities remarks

"I promise that when you come see us at ball games, starting at High Point Solutions Stadium, you're going to have a world class, Disney World experience. That's important to us. And we're working on traffic."

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