21 in 21: CB Isaiah Wharton

The 21 in 21 series is designed to introduce fans to the newcomers arriving at Rutgers this summer. In a once a day format, ScarletReport.com presents profiles of the class of 2014. Today, we look at cornerback Isaiah Wharton.

Incoming freshman Isaiah Wharton plans to live up to the expectations of Florida athletes when he arrives at Rutgers on June 22.

Wharton is one of three Florida cornerbacks to sign with Rutgers in the 2014 class, and he sees a chance for early playing time at the position. Rutgers started four different freshman corners last season.

"I know our front seven is pretty good, but the DBs could still use some work there," Wharton said. "If I come in ready to play, I can get on the field early.

"My main goal is to just get on the field. Red-shirting would be fine, but I'm looking to play as a freshman. That's my ultimate goal. I'm trying to go in ready and make a statement."

Wharton faced many top Florida names during 7-on-7s as a rising senior, and went 1-on-1 with Florida commit Ryan Sousa during his senior season.

"It's helped me a lot," Wharton said. "I've guarded receivers that are going to Florida and Florida State, and that's the kind of competition I'm expecting to face every single day. You never want to have to play down to someone's level. Going into the Big Ten, I'm going to be playing against some great competition, so it's good that I have some preparation."

Wharton is a 6-foot, 180-pound defensive back that received significant interest from Indiana and Southern Mississippi after committing to Rutgers. He signed with Rutgers, however, and said he is eager to bring his "Florida speed" to campus.

"I think it's an advantage," Wharton said. "Down in Florida, we've got the best athletes. Just look at the [NFL] draft and everything. It helps a lot. I'm excited to bring it to Rutgers. … My message would be that we're coming to the Big Ten to win a championship. We're going to work for it every single day."

One Florida cornerback – Kam Lott – is already enrolled and has good reviews of Rutgers for is soon-to-be teammate.

"I've been talking to Kam already, and he said of course you're going to feel behind at first," Wharton said. "Then, he said, after a few weeks you're going to get used to it. Rutgers has great support, and they really take care of their players."

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