Rutgers Means Family for New 2016 Offeree

South Brunswick (N.J.) 2016 athlete Mohamed Jabbie knows Rutgers well, and was honored by receiving a verbal scholarship offer at Friday's skills camp. His first offer, Jabbie broke down what it means and his strong ties already in place with the Scarlet Knights.

Approaching the completion of Friday night's Rutgers skills camp, South Brunswick (N.J.) 2016 athlete Mohamed Jabbie got a message from his uncle. His uncle passed on the message that Rutgers coach Kyle Flood wanted to meet with him in his office.

Jabbie's uncle? Rutgers great Mohamed Sanu.

The purpose of the meeting? Jabbie's first verbal offer.

"Coach Flood said that he was making an investment in me," Jabbie said. "He said he knows that I'm a good player, but also knows that I can be a lot better. … It's really awesome because Rutgers has been my dream school ever since my uncle committed to Rutgers. I've always been watching them."

The 6-foot, 170-pound athlete missed time as a sophomore with injuries, but impressed Flood with what he showed at the skills camp.

Jabbie played receiver at the camp, but Flood told him the staff liked him as an athlete.

"I went up there as a receiver, and I'm really focused on that position more than anything," Jabbie said. "They like me as an athlete, but we'll see what happens."

Jabbie, who lived with Sanu during parts of his childhood, grew up following his uncle at Rutgers.

"He's told me pretty much everything about Rutgers," Jabbie said. "He'd tell me stuff all of the time. I know a lot about Rutgers, and he's told me about how it would be a really good fit for me, and that they'd take care of me."

The rising junior was a freshman with South Brunswick won a state title with now-Rutgers linebacker T.J. Taylor, and he knows other players based on his relationship with Sanu.

Jabbie got to work with receivers coach Ben McDaniels and a handful of players that he already knows --- Leonte Carroo and Ruhann Peele.

"It was good because they were around from when my uncle used to play there," Jabbie said. "They remember me, and they were really helpful guys."

Jabbie will camp at Monmouth later this month and could explore other regional visits before the start of his junior season.

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