Hayden Rettig: Experts Weigh In

Soon-to-be Scarlet Knight Hayden Rettig was an All-American and Scout.com four-star quarterback out of Los Angeles Cathedral High. Rettig left LSU in the spring, and picked Rutgers as his transfer destination. For more on the move, Scout.com experts from across the country weighed in on Rettig.

Hayden Rettig joins the Rutgers roster in two weeks and will have three years of eligibility after sitting out the 2014 season via transfer rules. What does this addition mean for the Scarlet Knights? Scout.com experts offered their opinions on the move.

Scout.com national recruiting analyst Brandon Huffman -- "I first saw Hayden throw when he was a freshman in high school and saw him a ton over the next couple of years. The first thing you always noticed about him was his arm strength. He had a cannon. Early in his career, he tried to unload on every throw, but as he got older, he worked to use touch on his throws and take some of the heat off.

"He was never a real mobile quarterback, and that was before he tore his ACL his junior year, but he became a smarter quarterback when he came back from the injury and improved as a decision maker."

Scout.com national recruiting analyst Greg Biggins -- ""I haven't seen Rettig since high school, but he has two high level physical tools- an NFL body and one of the strongest arms in the game. Some players have good arm strength. Rettig has elite arm strength and the ability to get the ball down the field. He can spin the football consistently and is strong mechanically. He's a polished passer and a pure drop back guy. He's not going to threaten a defense much with his mobility and that's what one area he needs to work on. He'll never be a running threat but just improving his mobility in the pocket and being able to make that first pass rusher through miss is an area for improvement.

"He's a big personality and very competitive. That can rub some people the wrong way but he's a likable kid off the field and a good teammate. He's a high risk/high reward player- as mentioned, he has a big arm but can sometimes trust it too much and try to force some throws that just aren't there. If he allows himself to be coached, understands it OK to take the safe throw or even throw the ball away and not force something or take a sack, he has a chance to be a very good player down the road."

Scout.com national recruiting analyst Brian Dohn -- "Rutgers needs to capitalize on getting Rettig and build momentum. It didn't sign a receiver in the 2014 class and doesn't have a commitment from one yet in 2015. Rettig gives them a centerpiece quarterback and someone he staff can point toward as the future of the offense. Taking advantage if that is a must."

TigerSportsDigest.com recruiting analyst for Hunter Paniagua -- "Once [offensive coordinator] Cam Cameron arrived at LSU, he made it clear he wanted a dual-threat option at quarterback. Hayden Rettig isn't a statue, but he isn't entirely mobile either. It quickly became obvious that he didn't gel with the kind of offense Cameron was installing, and he was passed up by both of the other quarterbacks on scholarship.

"That's not a knock against Rettig's ability though. He still has all the potential he did as a four-star prospect coming out of high school. He has one of the strongest arms you'll see, and he should flourish in the proper system."

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